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Economical metal anchor for drywall, with/without screw

Features & Applications

  • Highest performance in gypsum board
  • No setting tool needed
  • Unique installation "legs" and locking cap facilitate fastenings in a wide range of drywall and hollow wall materials up to 92 mm thick
  • The anchor is adjustable – one size for various material thicknesses, making installation easier and reducing inventory investment
  • Suitable for a variety of light-duty anchoring applications in drywall and heavier-duty anchoring in concrete block
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Item number Anchor size Drill bit diameter Packaging unit Price / Unit Quantity
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INR 6,860.00 / 100 each
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Price / Unit
INR 8,740.00 / 100 each
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Price / Unit
INR 7,490.00 / 100 each
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Price / Unit
INR 9,370.00 / 100 each
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