Read about the revolutionizing X-FS Formstop technology which eliminates the traditional column starters at your jobsite.

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This article gives you an overview of the HILTI X-FS Formstop technology and how it can help you save at least one day per slab casted at your jobsite.


What is the Formstop Element?

The HILTI X-FS Formstop is an alignment element, which can be used to support the formwork used for casting of a column. Instead of the traditional starter, which requires about 24-36 hours to set before the formwork can be aligned for pouring of concrete, the Formstop element can be installed and formwork can be aligned immediately for concrete to be poured for column casting.


What is the challenge that we see at jobsites today?

During our interaction with a lot of customers – builders, as well as structural consultants, the starter concrete used does not have a specific grade of concrete since it is manually prepared. Therefore, we see badly constructed column starters, we see honeycombing effect in columns at the bottom and most importantly, there’s no guaranteed strength of the column starter.

What problem does the Formstop element solve?

  • With the Formstop Element, you are ensured of eliminating the variation in Concrete grades between the Column Starter & the casted Column. Thus, you are sure that there is a monolithic structure being casted, ensuring higher overall strength.
  • By saving one day per slab casted, you are able to save one running day cost at the jobsite – which can be a significant saving in the overall project of multiple slab casting
  • Apart from the above two points, you are saved from the hassle of arranging small amounts of concrete for column starters, paying high amounts to RMC for the same and other such problems due to traditional column starters.
  • Lastly, it does not matter if you are an Owner, or a Contractor or a PMC, you are ensured Quality, Productivity & Time Saving at your project – thereby enabling you to carry out more number of Projects in a year than what you’re doing today.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is the strength of column affected by presence of foreign element inside the column?
X-FS does not affect the column strength. It is a non-decay, non-corrosive and does not chemically attack concrete. Please find the attached test report for the same <Link to download test certificate>

What is the load bearing capacity of the X-FS Formstop element?
The sole purpose of X-FS is to facilitate positioning of formwork panels. The traditional starter has the same function. Only for positioning. Nonetheless, the load data of the Formstop element is attached for your reference. <Link to download Technical Information Formstop>

Why can't I use any plastic element that is in a similar shape?
We are giving a tested system that does not compromise on the strength of the concrete. The consultant may not permit any untested elements to be inside columns, potentially compromising on strength of column. Therefore, it is recommended it is always used with our methodology

Are there any limitations on the usage of the form-stop?
The X-FS is an all-weather element, can be used up-to -10 degrees, can be left in the concrete and will have no effect on the strength of the concrete. Vibration due to compacting is allowed.

What is material composition of the X-FS formstop?
The stop is made of high density polyethylene, colored concrete grey. No water damage is possible since water cannot permeate polyethylene, thereby making X-FS rot proof.

How can we ensure quality of installation through X-FS Formstop at jobsites?
As Hilti, we have a dedicated Account Manager to assist you on site with training on the best practices to install Formstop and guide you on the alignment of formwork for column casting.


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