HILTI “The World Leader in Passive Fire Protection” participated as the Conference Partner in Fire & Safety Expo 2017

HILTI displayed the entire product range of passive Fire Protection, Software, Services i.e. Document Manager & Engineering Judgement, and educated the attendees on the recently launched NBC 2016.


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India stands 56th rank on the list of countries with number of deaths by fire. Fire Safety has become increasingly important especially in the urban context. Fire in high-rise buildings with high death tolls in a number of countries have created a great anxiety among the fire protection specialists and public.

Fire safety is an important aspect requiring special attention while designing and constructing the high-rise buildings. Mostly fire hazards take place in high-rise buildings because of electricity and defective infrastructure.The public, code bodies, local, regional and federal governments, as well as the design, build, and ownership communities are all affected by high-rise building safety. Now, the fire safety topic is moving to the next level due to huge demand emanating from smart city and safe city projects in India and consequently market is looking for smarter products and better solutions.

Many initiatives are being taken by the Indian government in the direction of fire and life safety while providing the guidelines for regulating the building construction activities across the country to make the buildings and cities fire safe

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In order to create awareness and promote safer buildings and cities, a recent initiative - The International Exhibition & Conference for Fire and Safety 2017 was organized by the support of FPAI and NAFO at Mumbai from Apr 6 – 8, 2017, where Hilti participated as Conference Partner.

The expo was dedicated to the fire safety technologies, products and solutions. Around 600+ exhibitors from 15+ countries and more than 20,000 visitors participated in the event.

The Fire & Safety Expo was inaugarated by Shri Devendra Fadnavis (CM Maha). Industry professionals like Head of Fire Services, State level Fire Advisor, Fire Brigade Representatives, Fire Training Officers, Fire Fighters, Hotel Operators, Hospital and Hospitality industry, Architects, Fire Consultants, Contractors, Electrical Contractors, Engineers, Facility Managers, MEP Consultants, Industrial Associations, Military Fire Services, OEM manufacturers, Police, Property Developers, Property Management, Safety Managers etc. visited this expo .


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HILTI displayed wide range of passive fire protection systems and educated the visitors about the multiple applications across different trades i.e. Electrical, Mechanical & Façade at their booth.  

The relevant applications for electrical such as Single/Bunch/cable tray/Bus Bar Penetration Application; for mechanical steel pipe/pvc pipe/ HVAC duct/Pipes and curtain wall applications in façade were shown through the wide range of innovative passive fire protection, which aimed at saving lives, protecting assets and enhancing building performance.

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Another highlight at the booth was the smoke chamber,which demonstrated how industries leading airflow control rated fire stop system could save lives and protect assets.  Hilti got an overwhelming       response for their movement module (seismically tested firestop solutions), which can help mitigating life risk due to movement hazards. 

Spreading awareness about NBC 2016

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HILTI’s endeavor to educate its visitors about the relevant regulations including the revised NBC 2016 and its relevance with the passive Fire Protection was highly appreciated by the visitors and the exhibitors.


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During the Panel discussion on Super high-rise building – designing and fire protection, P.S. Rahangadale, Director Maharashtra Fire department emphasized the importance of involvement of public participation in the process of preventing fire. He expressed his concern over the safety of the residents & the firefighters who have to face more risks in super high-rise buildings and encouraged designers to use their knowledge and competency about the passive fire protection to avoid fires in this high rise.

Ajay Sharma, Former Director Delhi Fire safety, expressed his faith in the new NBC code 2016 and how it caters to the super high-rise buildings. Arvind Mandake, CFO CIDCO explained how using good quality fire resistant material could prevent spread of fire from one point in the building to others.

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Marcusson Eric Phillip, Global Product Manager, Hilti elaborated why application system solution and not just fire safety product hold more relevance for high-rise buildings.

When asked about the lower qualification of contractors specially in the developing countries, Eric explained that HILTI’s fire stop solution are pre-fabricated pre formed devices solutions that are simple, universally installable and does not require high level of skill for installation. 


Kamalika Kundu, manager codes and approvals, Jessica Salguero and Marcusson Eric Phillip (Global PMs) conducted the workshop on Passive Fire Safety to build awareness about elevant regulations, its interpretation and its implementation.Hilti also presented the relevant system solution, software and services in conjunction to the industry demand for Fire Safety, which can help to achieve the primary goal of life safety in addition to fulfilling the regulatory requirements.Hands on experience of various Passive Fire Protection applications were very well received and appreciated by the attendees.


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HILTI was nominated as the finalist in three categories (1) Innovative Product of the Year in Fire Safety – Passive (2) Passive Fire Protection Product of the Year for CFS-COS  (3) Passive Fire Protection Project of the Year.

Hilti bagged the SECONA Shield Award 2017 - "Innovative Product of the Year in Fire Safety -Passive" for Speed Sleeve (CP 653 BA) at the Fire and Safety Expo 2017.

Sleep Sleeve (CP 653 BA) has superior L rating performance in precast fire stopping devices.

  • It enables faster installation due to unique cylindrical profiles and spins on flanges.
  • Its Innovative twisting housing mechanism gives flexibility for frequent repent ration requirement of telecom and electrical applications. 

Few Glimpses

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“We haven’t seen before such a large Passive Fire Protection Portfolio that Hilti has”

 “Hands-on of the products at the Experience center was an enriching experience.”

“Knowledge and energy that Hilti team carries is highly impressive”

“Document Manager is simple to use and I can manage multiple sites sitting in my office”

“Document Manager of Hilti can be used for documentation not only for Fire audits but also for any structural audit”.

“Our people need to grow their knowledge with you."

“Compliments to you for raising awareness about passive fire protection”

" we have never seen such a wide range of passive fire protection solutions"

“Good initiative to educate about passive fire protection and innovations available in the market for the same”

“Impressive Booth, Very good explanation of concept”

"I came to Hilti Booth as it is nicely done and people are talking about Hilti on other booths as well"

“It is good to know Hilti is also in Passive fire protection systems and provides UL approved systems solutions”.