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JULY 2023



Protect your building's exterior from the elements with our effective cladding

  • One-Stop solution: Complete system designed solution with Wall Anchor + Frames + Panel fastening. Solution for entire Building's Dry Cladding including Sofit & Plain areas.
  • More Speed: 5 Times Lighter & 10 Times Faster in installation than traditional framing system.
  • Safety: ETA , Fire & Seismic Third-Party Approvals.

Relevant Trades and Applications


  • Dry Stone cladding
  • High Pressure Laminate
  • Ceramic Tiles
  • Terracotta Panels
  • Metal Panels

Interior Finishing

  • Internal Dry Stone Cladding
  • Composite Panels
  • Fibre Cement panels


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Fastening on Steel becomes more robust

Unique threaded stud technology: Provides very high holding values per fastening point in steel and eliminates traditional methods for fastening on steels such as welding, through bolting and clamping.  SBT HL technology makes reliable installations on steel faster than ever before.

High holding values

  • 2X holding in tension and shear than SBT 1.0.
  • 3.6 KN in tension and 4 KN in shear.

Simpler Installation with accurate fastening

  • Eliminates depth gauge and uses a predictive algorithm to achieve target embedment.
  • Dynamic feedback (rattle) once the setting is complete.
  • Proper torque and depth each time and therefore eliminates user influence.

Relevant Trades and Applications

Energy & Industry

  • Electrical connections
  • Grating fixing
  • Multi-purpose fastening


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New design method for Moment Resisting Post-Installed Rebar connections

EOTA TR069 “Design Method for Anchorage of Post-Installed Reinforcing Bars (REBARS) with Improved Bond-Spitting Behaviour” empowers you to design Post-Installed Rebar under Seismic conditions which ensures safety of infrastructure, lives & assets.


52394 No.

of Earthquakes
in the world in past 1 year. 4,346 in last 30 days. 23/06/2023

117 No.

of Earthquakes in India
in past 1 year. Over 59% of India’s land area is under threat of moderate to severe seismic hazard. & NDMA 23/06/2023

20000 lives

India lost
in last 15 years in 10 major earthquakes. Source:NDMA

8.8 bn $

India loses
every year due to multi-hazard disaster & 58.6% prone to earthquake. Source:Economic Times

How can you implement the innovation in your project(s)?

RE 500 V4

  • Only Product in the market approved for use with latest design method
  • Achieve optimized anchorage length
  • Best-in class approvals as per working conditions
  • Long-lasting service life

Profis Engineering Software

  • Simulate actual jobsite conditions
  • Design Rebaring as per latest codes/guidelines
  • Documented design report
  • Improved designer productivity

Design Services

  • Request for design support from the team of experienced engineer

Hilti Design Centre

  • Learn the full details about Post Installed Rebaring

Relevant Trades and Applications

Building Construction

  • Column from Raft​
  • Beam to Column​
  • Concrete Retrofitting/ Strengthening​
  • Starter bars

Civil Engineering

  • Missing coupler​
  • Bridge Retrofitting​
  • Sump/ Ancillary Slab extension in Metro projects​
  • Culvert widening



Concrete to Concrete

Concrete to concrete connections in Profis Engineering

An all-in-one Software for connection and fastening designs.

Not just for anchors, PROFIS designs, calculates and analyses multiple fixings, including steel to concrete, concrete to concrete, steel to masonry and baseplate solutions that are more reliable, more cost-effective and code-compliant.


Preset templates to save time

Use templates to design connections in minutes. And speed up communication by granting your entire team access to the most recent file in the cloud.

Code compliant shear connector design

Get peace of mind knowing that your design will automatically meet local codes and approvals. As a leading manufacturer of anchors, interpreting codes and putting them to work is our key ambition.

Model exact position of rebar to optimize depth

2D modelling of existing reinforcements and PIR considering a more precise distance between spliced bars, leading to a cost-effective solution.

Learn efficiently

Whether you are an experienced or a graduate engineer, our technical training – covering application basics and advanced modules – enable you to do fast, compliant designs.


MT Installation System

Be Productive, Creative, Flexible and Reliable!

  • More ease for flexibilty: Helps you adopt to your changing utility plans, add future Utilities without any worry with ease of maintenance.
  • Software support: Engineered design software output report with system of channels and connectors for optimization.
  • Static and Seismic support: One Integrated System that covers all your support installations needs.
10 times

faster installation then welded system.
Highly flexible system in adapting to changes, hence adding to productivity.

60 %

weight savings as compared to welded systems.
Switch to modular system for wide range of channel portfolio with less components which helps you optimize your material.

25 %

cost saving.
Customized designed solution which can help you integrate multi-discipline supports or group runs to save on space and cost.

42 %

reduction in carbon footprints.
Switch to Hilti modular over-head support system and contribute in reducing the carbon footprint for our environment.

Relevant Trades and Applications

Mechanical and Electrical

  • MEPF supports
  • Seismic bracing
  • Ceiling grid
  • Corridor
  • Multidiscipline supports (Multi-trade)

Energy and Industry

  • MEPF supports
  • Piping
  • Seismic bracing
  • IFS (Raised floor system)
  • Ceiling grid
  • Corridor
  • Multidiscipline supports (Multi-trade)

Civil Engineering

  • Static & Seismic supports for MEPF
  • Celling grid
  • Cable tray supports
  • Piping supports
  • Walk ways

Passive Firestop

ON! SITE Services

Optimized Survey & Professional Documentation for Firestop.

  • ON!Site Survey - Accurate solution on compartmentation.
  • ON!Site Doccumentation - Correctness of installed quality.

ON!Site Survey Service

An ON! Site activity for conducting survey on opening/s to provide accurate UL solution & product estimation.
Survey Output:
  • Firestop quantity estimation
  • Cost estimate of HILTI solution
  • Technical submittals & UL listing certificates
  • Application methodology


ON!Site Documentation Service

Offering a professional report to simplify audit process influenced by NBC 2016 and assurance on installed quality.
Documentation Output:
  • Installation report of openings
  • Checklist based on visual inspection
  • Pre & post application pictures
  • Handing over certificates

Accurate cost and transparency

Proper design according regulations

Proof of execution and traceability

Avoid re-works due to documentation

Relevant Trades and Applications

Mechanical and Electrical

Through penetration application


Curtain wall / Edge of Slab application

Building Construction

Joints application

Interior Finishing

Dry wall boarding and fire protection



High performance, lifetime and reliability!

D-handle rotary hammer with best-in-class performance.

  • High versalitality: Compatible with dust-less systems, angular and metal drilling accessories. 
  • Unmatched drilling speed and power: Upto 50% more performance compared to predecessor.
  • Enhanced chiseling: Better hammering frequency with more impact.
  • Highest lifetime and robustness: Improved electronics for lesser downtime and increase profitabiltiy.

Relevant Trades and Applications

Building Construction

  • Base plate drilling
  • Corrective chiseling

Civil Engineering

  • Base plate drilling
  • Corrective chiseling

Mechanical and Electrical

  • Channel openings
  • Overhead drilling

Steel and Metal

  • Base plate drilling

JULY 2022



The Hilti undercut screw goes the next level!

Ultimate-performance screw for fast installation and maximum re-use in concrete.  

  • Improved reusability and setting: Reusability in the strongest and toughest concrete conditions.
  • Drill, Drive, Done!  No cleaning, no time wasted in hammering and no high accuracy torque wrench required.
  • Approvals: Easy identification of reusability life with check gauge and approval for fixing in hollow core slabs.


90 %

higher re-use in concrete compared to others.
New thread design and smaller bore hole diameter reduce friction between anchor and concrete leading to lowest cost per fixing for temporary applications.

2 x

faster installation compared to sleeve and wedge anchors
Drill, Drive, Done! No hole cleaning, no hammering, no accurate torque wrench required.

100 %

safety and economy in reusability ensured.
Full utilization of reusable life ensured with the complete system with ETA approved check gauge and new SIW 9 impact wrenches.

50 times

in fresh concrete.

Relevant Trades and Applications

Building Construction

  • Pre-cast wall prop fixing
  • Formwork supports
  • Safety handrails and barricades
  • Safety net fixing
  • Concrete pump fixing
  • Secondary steel supports

Civil Engineering

  • Formwork supports
  • Temporary services fixing
  • Safety handrails and barricades
  • Safety net fixing
  • Concrete pump fixing
  • Secondary steel supports

Mechanical and Electrical

  • Base plate fixing for services for hollow core slabs
  • Faster installation aiding modular construction of ISB

Energy & Industry

  • Temporary machine fixing
  • Secondary steel supports
  • Temporary services fixing

Steel and Metal

  • Handrail / Balustrade fixing
  • Secondary steel supports



Universal angle grinder diamond blade for cutting applications

  • Unmatched cutting speed: increases productivity.
  • High universality: cuts most materials found on a construction site effortlessly.
  • High lifetime: reduces the cost of ownership.
  • High robustness: maximizes blade utilization till end of its life - no breakages and full safety.


Cutting speed lifted to new level

  • ~35% average speed increase.

Stable performance

  • High and stable performance throughout life.


  • Cut most materials found on a construction site effortlessly.
  • No need to change diamond blade.

High lifetime

  • Use of high quality, high strength diamonds.
  • Matrix offers perfect balance between holding diamonds in place (lifetime) and exposing new diamonds to the cutting surface (speed).

Relevant Trades and Applications

Mechanical and Electrical

  • Slitting for electric or data cables
  • Slitting for water and gas supply
  • Slitting for air conditioning pipes

Building Construction

  • Cutting to size of bricks, blocks, tiles and other building elements
  • Making or enlarging openings

Over-Head Support Systems


Complete overhead support system!

  • New portfolio for static as well as seismic utility support requirements.
  • Aluminium design Key-Less lock with added safety and reliability. 30% faster than other key locks.
  • High flexibility with 50% faster installation than traditional threaded rod system.
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A smart and productive way to suspend M&E and HVAC services.

  • Safe and reliable solution: Tested independently by TUV and comply with SMACNA standards.
  • Lightweight and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Quick installation: Supplied in ready-to-use kits, saves time and money.
  • Compatible with SIW 22A tool for setting anchors, helps faster installation of supports.

Relevant Trades and Applications

Mechanical and Electrical

  • HVAC duct fixing
  • Cable tray
  • Seismic bracing

Energy & Industry

  • HVAC duct fixing
  • Cable tray and lighting
  • Seismic bracing


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PM 20 CG Combi-laser

Gen-next pocket lasers!

  • Green Laser - better visibility and more range.
  • 2 Lines & 5 Points - simpler leveling, aligning and plumbing applications.
  • 2 Year No Cost - full coverage of service cost including calibration.

Revamping Multiline Portfolio

PM 2-LG and PM 2-PG


  • Upgraded to green lasers
  • High visibility and more range
  • Compact and more robust design
  • Simple user interface
  • 213 service package including calibration

Relevant Trades and Applications

Building Construction

  • Chasing walls for cable inserts 
  • Transferring socket heights
  • Leveling raised floor access  

Mechanical and Electrical

  • Leveling and aligning pipes and cables
  • Plumb point transfers

Steel and Metal

  • Aligning handrails (even on inclines in slope mode)
  • Aligning structural and non-structural base plates
  • Leveling structural beams


  • Checking, transferring and aligning reference points for transoms and mullions for facade

Interior Finishing

  • Drywall alignment
  • Aligning and leveling of doors and windows
  • Suspended false ceilings


  • Checking, transferring and aligning reference points in elevator shafts
  • Vertical alignment of elevator rails



Differentiation at its best!

  • Superior robustness - Unique polygon SPX chisel with increased bending resistance and fewer tip breakages.
  • High breaking power - fast track initiation with minimized sticking and efficient energy transmission.
  • Self-Sharpening - specific polygon geometry makes the outer surface of the chisel tip wear easily to keep it sharp always.


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The Best just got Better!

  • New head material - more accurate anchor holes
  • New welding technology - more robustness in rebar and concrete
  • New head geometry - faster drilling
  • Helix wear mark - best warranty in the industry

TE-CX Value Proposition

30 %

more accurate anchor holes compared to others.
New head material and geometry.

50 %

more robustness in rebar and concrete compared to others.
New welding technology & Ultrasonic shoot peening.

15 %

faster drilling over lifetime on concrete compared to others.
New head geometry & an ideal head helix combination.

25 %

more holes per battery charge compared to others.
New reduced friction zone and head geometry.




Building Construction

  • Rebar drilling
  • Baseplate drilling

Steel and Metal

  • Baseplate drilling

Civil Engineering

  • Rebar drilling
  • Baseplate drilling

Mechanical and Electrical

  • Overhead pipe support

Interior Finishing

  • Drywall track attachment