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Time to make the switch! Fastest. Safest

Switch to BX 3 - the direct fastening solution that’s 10X faster & cost-smart

BX 3
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Nobody knows better than you that surviving and succeeding post crisis in the New Normal is all about doing more with less. Well, BX 3 can help you achieve that.

With the new social distancing norm in place, the recent time demands single workers to practice social distancing, and this can only be possible with tools that could enable single worker to do the work 10X faster. You must be wondering how is this possible? Well, this is possible with Hilti BX 3. BX 3 is perfect for a single worker to achieve the job of 10, while maintaining necessary compliance at the job site.

BX 3 also saves cost by reducing your Per-Fixing Cost. By finishing tasks much quicker, it further pushes down expensive work force costs. And when you consider less frequent repairs and greater longevity, your overall cost of tool ownership drops even more.

Finally, with safety innovations like zero combustion (and way less vibration, noise and dust), the convenient mobility of cordless and interchangeable batteries that run longer – the award winning BX3 ensures your productivity stays at an all-time-high. Yes, even when times are tough.

Find out How to be productive with Less manpower

Join us on June 3, 2020 for a webinar on Direct Fastening!



Fastening deck sheets on steel beams require labours to go through the painful task of drilling in metal, with GX 3, the speed of fastening deck sheets is 10x and without the hassles of handling cords.

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Surface conduiting with 20mm and 25 mm Hilti conduit clips for best in class productivity and reduce your per fixing cost to complete your conduiting work with better tool balance for overhead conduiting. 

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Interior Finishing Contractors

Track fixing becomes easy for the interior finishing jobs, helps you complete the final stages of the project faster than ever and faster than any other method of fixing that has ever been tried before.

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Facade Contractors

The GI tray flashing for curtainwall can be performed with the BX 3 tool with ease. Brings you speed and ensures a dust free application while giving you productivity.

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Civil Contractors

Waterproof membrane fixing can be performed with the GX 3 tool in temperatures up to -10 degrees with ease. Serial waterproofing becomes easy with low per fixing cost for a wide range of base material.

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General Contractors

Column starters and wall-tie fixings for a wide vairey of base material can be fixed with the BX3. Wood to concrete fixings (upto 25mm wood thickness) and metal to concrete applications can be easily performed.

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Make it fast! The Hilti BX 3 is designed to match the natural speed and rhythm needed for your application to help you power through projects.

Make it fast!

Speed matters. With a fastening rate that is up-to 10X faster than traditional methods, the BX 3 is fast! You get to complete your task, with less workforce. Win-Win

Make it Rechargeable battery-powered!

The BX 3 fastening system is combustion-free (no powder or gas!) and entirely powered by your existing 22V Lithium-Ion batteries. One battery for all your tools – even your nailer.

Make it virtually maintenance-free! With no gas cans to change and no residue to clean, the BX 3 battery-powered nailer is virtually maintenance and hassle-free.

Make it Cost Effective

With the lowest ever per-fixing cost, the Direct Fastening Battery technology will give you unmatched savings along with all the benefits of being Cordless.

Make it comfy! Low noise, low vibration, virtually no dust - the BX 3 cordless nailer is as comfortable as a cappuccino.

Make it safe!

Low noise, low vibration, virtually no dust – the BX 3 is your choice for high-speed, high-comfort fastening. Plus, our tool is virtually dust-free and quiet, making it suitable for daytime use during business hours. 

make it versatile

Make it Versatile

With a broad range of nails and fastening clips, BX 3 02 battery powered nailer is the perfect addition to any interior finishing, electrical or mechanical contractor's cordless tool kit.

Make it smart

Our second-generation BX 3 nailer joins the growing number of Hilti tools that talk to you. Using the tool’s built-in Bluetooth technology and our Hilti Connect App, you can track the number of fastenings, watch how-to videos and even arrange a service or repair from wherever you are working. The new refill indicator tells you when the magazine is empty and we’ve added the easy-to-exit standby mode to save on battery energy.


The geared spring concept breaks through technical barriers and lays the foundation for this innovative and highly ergonomic tool.

Nailing into hard base materials requires high penetration forces which may be generated by impact. In an ergonomic hand-held tool, a fast piston driven by expanding gas (combustion gas or compressed air) usually does this.

Hilti’s ‘geared spring technology’ breaks these barriers by using 4 key elements:

  • Geared spring drive:         High efficiency in transforming slow spring movement to fast                                                    piston movement 
  • Belt drive:                          Light weight transmission
  • 2 counteracting springs:  Opposed movement of springs balanced for low recoil
  • Linear alignment:             Minimal weight by aligning spring and loading mechanism along the force flow

BX 3


BX 3

Best suited for Track Fixing, Conduiting and other applications.

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GX 3

Solution for decking and membrane fixing application.

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*Actual nail to be used to be decided basis site level demonstrations

ADVANCED Battery Technology

The intelligence inside

Worried that BX 3 will run out of battery charge?

Not anymore with 22V, 5.2 Ah batteries, you can look forward to 800 fixings per full battery charge with 500 cycles of charge per battery.


PREMIUM SERVICES, at no additional costs!

2 year wear and tear

2 year wear and tear coverage

Up to 2 years No Cost Warranty, including labor costs, faulty parts, pick-up and delivery.

Hilti Connect

Hilti Connect

Hilti Connect App brings hassle-free tool services to your fingertips.

What is 213 ?

We will repair your tool completely free of charge for up to 2 years from the date of purchase. This includes damage resulting from normal wear and tear. You won't pay for parts, labour or even pick- up and delivery.

After the wear & tear period, the cost of paid repairs are capped for the remaining warranty period.

If your tool breaks down within 1 month of a paid repair, we repair free of charge. This also covers wear and tear, free pick-up and delivery.

We promise to deliver your repaired tool within 3 days, otherwise it’s free.

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