Introducing a fleet of cordless tools engineered to boost your productivity

Tight margins and skilled labor shortages mean that you must make every hour on the jobsite count.  Cordless tools deliver the power and agility to get more done in less time – helping your business to grow.

The range of new Hilti cordless tools for construction jobs
SIW 6AT-A22 impact wrench

Hammer Drills and Drivers

Our range of cordless tools for drilling in concrete, wood, steel, and fastening screws, and screw anchors.

TE 2-A22 TE 6-A22 SFC 22-A SID 4-A22
SID 4-A22 impact driver

Cutting, Sawing, and Grinding

Cut metal or wood sparkless, dustless with ease even in tight spaces.

SCW 22-A SCM 22-A AG 125-A22

Impact Wrenches

Right from setting adaptive torque for anchoring/bolting to structural bolting upto 800Nm

SIW 6AT-A22 SIW 22T-A 1/2" SIW 9-A22 3/4" SI-AT-A22
SB 4-A22 band saw

Lasers and Direct Fastening

Versatile range of laser tools and direct fastening tools for quick levelling, alignment and direct fixing.

PR 2-HS A12 PR 30-HVS A12 PM 2-LG PM 40-MG BX 3-L A22

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