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Features & Applications

  • Versatile – you can use the same nylon plug to fasten to a wide range of base materials: concrete, solid brick, hollow brick, gas (aerated) concrete, gypsum panel
  • Increased load capacity – re-engineered for even higher loads
  • Suitable for fastening through in-place parts
  • Anti-twist design – redesigned fins help to prevent nylon plug rotation during screwdriving, especially in hollow bricks and aerated concrete
  • Easier to use – a wide collar prevents the plastic anchors slipping into the wall cavity, while precise screw guidance helps to prevent damage during screwdriving
  • Electrical fixtures
  • Cabling
  • Metal track for plasterboard/dry lining
  • Plasterboard Fixtures
  • Suspended Ceilings

Product Variants & Sets

Technical Data

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Consulting & Support

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