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Hilti TE 3000 Breaker

Raise the bar with Hilti

Safer Design. Superior Infrastructure.

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The professional solution for managing all your assets, regardless of manufacturer

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Hilti India Blog

Hilti Blog

Discover the latest blog posts by the Hilti Team for deeper insights on construction industry. Read more about our power tools, their application, and use cases

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SafeSet Technology


SafeSet ensures proper fastner installation using a reliable, productive and approved system

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Digital Trade Catalogues


Connect to the power tools, products, and online services relevant to you to get the job done

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Hilti goes the extra mile with WeCare to pamper you with trust and transparency because you are our valued customer.

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Ask Hilti

Have a question? Ask Hilti

Connect and be a part of the online engineering community. Ask questions about your jobsite challenges, critical applications, and power tools used to drive productivity; and get reliable answers quickly

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