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Measuring Tools and Scanners

See how our measuring tools and scanners are designed for intuitive operation: laser meters, rotating lasers, concrete scanners and layout tools

Laser Meters
Find out how Hilti laser range meters are designed for intuitive and one-person operation when measuring over long distances or hard-to-reach spots. Now with Bluetooth connectivity in selected models as well.
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Line and Point Lasers
Find out how our line and point lasers are designed for intuitive and one-person operation on levelling, squaring and alignment tasks
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Rotating Lasers
Find out how Hilti rotating laser level machines are designed to be robust and easy to use for long-distance levelling, aligning, squaring and slope tasks with one man operation
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Concrete Scanners
Find out how our concrete scanners are designed for precise, non-destructive structural analysis and detecting hidden objects
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Heavy Duty Tools

Our complete portfolio of heavy duty tools

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On!Track Asset Management

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