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Laser Meters

Find out how Hilti laser range meters are designed for intuitive and one-person operation when measuring over long distances or hard-to-reach spots. Now with Bluetooth connectivity in selected models as well.

Find out how Hilti laser range meters are designed for intuitive and one-person operation when measuring over long distances or hard-to-reach spots. Now with Bluetooth connectivity in selected models as well.
PD-S Laser meter Easy-to-use laser meter for distance and area measurements up to 60 m / 200 ft
PD-I Laser meter Robust laser meter with smart measuring functions and Bluetooth® connectivity for interior applications up to 100 m / 330 ft
PD-E Laser meter Outdoor laser meter with integrated viewfinder for measurements up to 200 m / 650 ft


Introducing distance measuring devices and instruments including laser measuring tools, laser range meters that enable easy calculation of area and volume.


The article discusses the development of laser distance measuring devices in the construction sector. The characteristics of Hilti’s measurement tools have been highlighted here in order to provide the reader with all the necessary information. 

Introduction - Laser Distance Meters 

Distance measurement is the most crucial aspect at every construction site. Distance measurement enables one to develop an integrated understanding and practical application of various mathematical concepts like geometry, trigonometry, etc.

If we look back, during the times when the mankind was still evolving, distance measurement was carried out using non-standard units like sticks and blocks. A distance of 1 meter would have been equivalent to something like ten to twelve sticks.

With the advancement of science and technology, we are now able to achieve better results in our everyday tasks and this applies to the area of measurement as well. 

Just a substitute or more than that?

With this scientific headway, distance measuring instruments improved and conventional tapes gradually phased out. What was the device that led to the degradation of tapes, which found their use for decades? Is it a colossal machine which costs millions? Or is it more of a complex design product difficult to handle?

The answer is the Laser Distance Measuring Instrument. Also known as laser range meter or laser measuring tool and it is an excellent demonstration of man’s power of innovation. It is not a massive machine, it does not cost a lot, it is as large as an ordinary mobile phone, and it fits in a pocket comfortably.

A typical LDM device uses a laser beam and a receiver system to calculate the distance between two points. The device is kept at one end, and a screen or object is held at the other end. The laser is made to strike the screen, and the actual distance between the two points is displayed on the monitor of the LDM device. That's it! That is the usage steps of a laser range meter.

LDM device is more than just a substitute of the ordinary tape measure. Forget the tedious tape measurements, fire the extra workforce you hired as helping hands because Laser Measuring devices can solve all your measurement issues within seconds.

There are many manufacturers of LDM devices that own different shares of the market in various geographies. Brands like Hilti, DeWalt, Bosch, Hitachi, etc. compete with each other globally in the field of measurement instruments.

What Hilti has to offer?

Hilti’s gamut of measuring devices includes PD-S, PD-I, and PD-E laser distance measuring devices. The characteristics and benefits are as follows:

  1. PD-S: robust and straightforward single button laser range meter, measuring range - 0.25 -100m, Accuracy - +/- 1.25 mm.
  1. PD-I: robust laser meter for distances up to 100m, convenient for indoor as well as outdoor use, tripod thread dia. - 0.25 in, Accuracy - +/- 1mm
  1. PD-E: for distances up to 200m, suitable for outdoor applications, built-in optical viewfinder, bright LED display monitor to view even in sunlight, accuracy - +/- 1mm

Hilti’s uncommon add-ons

Hilti’s distance meters are powered by Pulse Power, Hilti’s patented technology to ensure reliable measurements under all conditions. It involves sending out millions of packets of laser light such that the laser meters can efficiently read this different signature of laser, providing best measuring results and accuracy over a long period of time.

All three products support single and continuous measurement modes. The most beneficial feature available in these products is the data storage of previous measurements. The PD-S has a memory of two previous measurements (both single and continuous) whereas PD-I and PD-E come with the storage capacity of 30 previous analyses. The data storage helps engineers in times of calculations and data loss. It saves time and energy of the concerned authority as well.

To ease out the measuring process, it is always advised to buy Hilti’s Target Plate PDA 50. This plate serves the purpose of screen wherever there is an absence of solid surface at the other end of the work distance. 

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There are many competitors of Hilti’s laser meters in the market today. But the cutting-edge engineering and design-led approach of Hilti Corporation always surpasses others. Moreover, Hilti’s products are manufactured to enhance the user experience with ergonomically efficient design and help to elementarily develop a bond between the user and the tool. Hilti has been and will be the first choice of all engineers and builders.

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