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Modular Support Systems

Modular support systems for pipes, ventilation, sprinkler, electrical and seismic applications are designed to achieve more with fewer parts


Switch to modular supports and add value to your projects!


This article gives you an overview of the HILTI Modular Installation MT and HWS System and how it can help you to be more Productive, Reliable & Flexible with overhead supports at your jobsite.



Switch to modular supports and add value to your projects!

The HILTI MT System is a one-stop solution for all your Overhead Support Needs, which can be used to support various utilities like Mechanical Electrical Plumbing & Firefighting with RIGID SUPPORTS.

  • Faster & Easier Installation: Instead of the traditional welded supports, which require several hours to prepare, the MT System can be DESIGNED and OPTIMIZED.
  • High loading Capacity: Engineered lightweight multiple-channel portfolio with fewer components required for connection, which makes this system versatile & can help you to add utilities in future.
  • Wide Application Coverage: Static & Seismic applications with Multitrade and group runs.
  • Compatible with SIW 6AT tool for right torquing to ensure proper and faster execution.



A Complete overhead support system!

The HWS System is a smart and productive way to suspend light-duty cable trays and HVAC ducts with FLEXIBLE SUPPORTS.

  • Safe and reliable solution: Tested independently by TUV and comply with SMACNA standards.
  • Quick installation: Flexible, lightweight and supplied in ready-to-use kits, which saves time and money.
  • Compatible with SIW 6AT tool for setting anchors; helps faster installation of supports.


What are the challenges that we see at jobsites today?

During our interaction with a lot of customers – Contractors, as well as MEP consultants, below were the challenges that we identified at jobsites:

Hot Working Permits

No Seismic Designs

Poor Aesthetics

Heavy Sections Occupy Space

Time Consuming Process of Welding

No Flexibility To Add Or Remove The Supports


What problem does the MT System solve?

Be Creative & Flexible In Design

You can ADD ON the utilities post change in plan for the FUTURE. Ease of maintenance as you can dismantle the MT system with ease & create space for working. Multi-Trade Designed system with MSE Software makes you save material, avoid multiple puncturing points & save on space.

Weight Savings

With a wide range portfolio of MT system it's lightweight and reduces dead weight on your main building structure. Since these are light easy to handle and add to the speed of execution.

One System Multiple Possibilities

Be productive & save on material costs with a wide range of Portfolio in channels of L, C & Box shape profiles suitable for both Static & Seismic applications. Interchangeability & connectivity with fewer components makes the MT system an optimized choice for your supports. Compatible with HWS system for Light Duty HVAC & Cable Tray supports.

Say No To Hot Working

With the MT system, you are ensured of eliminating the entire welding process. Skip several steps of Surface Preparation, Grinding, welding & Galvanizing/Painting. Ready Galvanized Channels can be assembled easily with Twist Lock, Twist Lock Bolt & Thread Forming Bolts.

10x faster installation then welded system.

Highly flexible system in adapting to changes, hence adding to productivity.

60% weight savings as compared to welded systems.

Switch to a modular system for a wide range of channel portfolio with fewer components which helps you optimize your material.

25% cost saving.

Customized designed solution which can help you integrate multi-discipline supports or group runs to save on space and cost.

42% reduction in carbon footprints.

Switch to Hilti modular overhead support system and contribute to reducing the carbon footprint for our environment.

Relevant Trades and Applications

Mechanical and Electrical

  • MEPF supports
  • Seismic bracing
  • Ceiling grid
  • Corridor
  • Multidiscipline supports (Multi-trade)

Energy and Industry

  • MEPF supports
  • Piping
  • Seismic bracing
  • IFS (Raised floor system)
  • Ceiling grid
  • Corridor
  • Multidiscipline supports (Multi-trade)

Civil Engineering

  • Static & Seismic supports for MEPF
  • Ceiling grid
  • Cable tray supports
  • Piping supports
  • Walkways