Offshore oil and gas solutions

Modular systems for more efficient greenfield and brownfield projects

Hilti modular support systems for both greenfield and brownfield offshore projects provide you with innovative, more cost-efficient systems for supporting Electrical Instrumentation and Telecom applications (EI&T), HVAC and non-critical piping disciplines. Simpler to install and requiring no specialist equipment, these stronger, more lightweight systems are designed to withstand corrosive environments such as offshore topsides. Giving you more flexibility of installation across all of your projects, these engineered and tested solutions from Hilti help you to increase productivity, reduce labor costs and improve health and safety on the jobsite. With full engineering and design support, combined with pre-cutting and kitting, our end-to-end service delivers major efficiencies across your project and asset cycle.


Multidisciplinary supports

Lighter, non-weld solution designed for greater flexibility and lower cost of ownership

Modular, multidisciplinary support systems bring major benefits to oil and gas projects, whether they are for a fixed platform, tension leg platform, semi-submersible, floating production storage and offloading unit (FPSO) or similar environment. With less than half the weight of a conventional solution, these systems can be installed more quickly by a single person and without the need for specialist equipment. No welding or hot works are required for installation, helping you to increase productivity and labor costs while improving health and safety on the jobsite. Modelling and load calculation are done upfront, while supports can be cut and kitted in advance. Thanks to their high lifetime performance, Hilti multidisciplinary support systems also offer you a lower cost of ownership when compared to traditional solutions.

Cable tray and cable ladder supports

Modular supports designed for flexible integration of electrics, HVAC and piping

Modular cable ladders and cable trays give you a more flexible, easier-to-install alternative to laborious engineered solutions such as waterfall supports or heavy load cable trays. Faster to install, they also allow you to integrate multiple support systems such as electrics, HVAC and piping. Engineering support allows you to accurately complete upfront modelling and load calculation, while the solutions themselves are adaptable enough to handle late design changes of cable routing. Special SmartCleat® technology with optional pads and inserts allow you to secure high-voltage cable with less risk of short circuit. Thoroughly tested to IEC 61914 standards, these patented cleats help to reduce arching, deformation and stretch of cable if subjected to short circuiting.

Grating fastening

Swap welding for our safer, faster and more flexible grating solutions

Fastening gratings and checker-plates on steel structures and walkways is now simpler, safer and more productive. Unlike clamps, which can become loose due to vibration, Hilti grating fasteners are designed to resist the vibration transmitted by grating plates and structural steel beams. Requiring no welding or scaffolding, these fasteners can be installed by just one person working above the grating – thus saving you both time and labor costs. From a safety perspective, the simplicity of these fasteners means no more fumbling and dropping of multi-part clamps. You can choose from a full range of fasteners suitable for offshore environments. These offer corrosion resistant solutions which require minimal touch-up painting when compared to through-hole bolting.

Electrical grounding

Efficient solutions for electrical panels, motors, pipes and more

Effective electrical grounding is essential to every offshore project. Whether you need to ground or bond electrical panels, motors, pipes, cable ladders and trays, or other equipment, you need solutions that are designed for corrosive environments. We offer you the S-BT range of threaded, screw-in studs that are both easier and quicker to install. For high-current applications, the S-BT HC stud incorporates a tin-coated copper disc and allows the use of cable up to 4/0 AWG. It also gives you a perfectly sealed electrical connection to steel base material and is ideal for use on 6mm or thicker steel, eliminating the need for welding or rework. Studs for bonding and grounding can also be installed pre- or post-paint, giving you additional flexibility.

Integrated floor systems

From design services to weld-free installation – create mission critical rooms faster

In the offshore industry, Hilti integrated floor systems are ideal for creating utility rooms, living quarters, local equipment rooms and local control rooms. A single structure provides cabinet support, cable tray management, piping, HVAC and floor tile support. This not only minimizes planning, but also gives you more versatility and adjustability to adapt to all configurations. With double space for cable routing, there are no clashes of pedestals and trays. No welding or hot works are required, nor is additional scaffolding. Furthermore, we can offer you detailed design, BIM and engineering services, on-site support and pre-cutting and kitting. Globally available, integrated floor systems are a flexible, cost-efficient solution that meets all industry standards. 

Cable transit systems

Modular, reusable cable transit for demanding environments

Faster-to-install modular cable transit systems consist of nine types of watertight, fire- and gas-resistant modules that seal around cables more quickly and reliably. They are also re-usable, helping you to cut costs as well as save time. Ideal for late changes to cable routing, these modules can handle cables up to 99mm in diameter. Colored inserts allow for ease of inspection, while flexible sealing lips within inserts are highly effective at sealing non-uniform cable diameters. We also provide you with a simpler-to-use guide for choosing modules and inserts, plus engineering support to design the most effective system for your needs.

Protect your teams

To help you reduce the risk of accidents and injuries on your jobsites, we invest heavily in safety technologies – whether it's tool-based dust control solutions, training, or systems for tracking worker certication. 

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Control tool costs

Simplify your financial planning and administration with our fleet management service. Pay a fixed monthly fee for all your tools including their use, service and repair costs. Say goodbye to hidden costs.

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