Pharma facility solutions

Supporting pharmaceutical manufacturing facility projects from design to retrofitting

Pharma projects are complex. For example, cables, piping and firestopping need to be installed with minimal contamination. With 2,700 industry specialists worldwide and a tailored hardware and software offering, Hilti can support your entire project lifecycle with:

  • Design engineering and building information modeling (BIM) to get projects off the ground faster
  • Prefabrication and advanced logistics to help save time and lower installation costs
  • Modular systems for MEP, innovative firestopping, and advanced solutions for fastening to concrete and steel, for more flexibility
  • Specialist software and engineering support for simpler selection of compliant products

Modular support systems

Optimized design, fabrication and installation of supports for pharma facilities

Pharmaceutical facilities depend on a wide range of process and utility piping. From pipe runs in utility tunnels and basements, through to clean-in-place (CIP) and steam-in-place (SIP) systems, you can reap major cost savings when you make piping design and installation more efficient. Hilti helps you achieve this with modular pipe racks and off-rack supports that provide you with a faster, easier-to-install and fully adjustable alternative to heavy welded structures. From conceptual design support and certified engineering analysis, through to BIM software with powerful space management and clash detection functions, plus off-site fabrication and on-site support and training, you can benefit from a service that covers you at every part of the project lifecycle, from design to installation.

Fire protection solutions

Improve energy efficiency and reduce maintenance time for pharma facilities

In many pharmaceutical facilities, fire protection solutions need to serve a dual purpose. Not only do they need to help contain any blaze, but they also need to meet stringent cleanliness standards and comply with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) for the pharmaceutical industry. Unlike traditional coated boards and butts, Hilti firestopping solutions are designed to avoid fiber contamination. Products such as adjustable and reusable firestop collars and blocks not only prevent the release of airborne particles, but they make cabling maintenance and re-penetrations simpler while also reducing facility costs. These easier-to-install solutions also offer security benefits as they can remove the need for specialized, third-party maintenance personnel during cabling changes. Engineering services, 3D modeling and specialized digital tools can make firestop design faster, more efficient and compliant, while prefabrication combined with site support and training can speed up accurate installation. The result is firestopping that can deliver higher energy efficiency, reduce maintenance time, keep your plant safe and reduce the risk of business interruption.

Multi-purpose fastening on steel

Faster, optimized direct fastening that eliminates the need for welding

When fastening on steel in a pharmaceutical facility, key project requirements are speed while avoiding welding and damaging painted surfaces. The Hilti range of direct and screw fasteners can be used with gas-, powder- and battery-actuated systems that make direct fastening on steel simpler, faster and more productive. Optimized solutions can provide a cleaner, more efficient alternative to welding, slow through-bolting and vibration susceptible clamps. Specialist fasteners allow you to fasten equipment to steel without damaging coated or painted surfaces, potentially removing the need for post-installation touch-up work. Inspection of Hilti fasteners is simpler and they require significantly less maintenance than hardware such as clamps.

Cast-in anchor channels

No-drill anchoring solutions that meet a range of rigorous standards and approvals

When you need a high-performance solution for challenging loads and design parameters, Hilti cast-in anchor channels can offer you a customizable and dust-free solution that may require no drilling. Ideal for installing instrumentation supports, elevators, HVAC appliances and horizontal and vertical modular supports, they can also be used to fix curtain wall elements with brackets. Meeting rigorous approvals and standards for static, fatigue, seismic and fire loading, cast-in anchor channels provide fastening points for a range of static, dynamic and fire loads. Anchor channels are available for almost every cast-in installation detail, whether in R&D centers, laboratories or plants for API, biotech or formulation.

Post-installed anchoring

Flexible solutions for fastening to concrete for easier modification of pharma facilities

Post-installed anchors can provide a robust, high-performance solution for fastening process equipment such as bioreactors, tanks and dryers to concrete. They are also suitable for fastening utility devices and high rack systems. Much more flexible than rebar, post-installed anchors also allow you to adapt and extend your facilities much more easily. Both mechanical and chemical anchors conform with the latest and most rigorous standards and approvals, while PROFIS anchor software makes anchor selection simple. Hilti can also offer you site support with pull tests, plus drilling solutions to cut through rebar where necessary. Post-installed anchors can be safer than traditional solutions for fixing to concrete, giving you more peace of mind.

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Protect your teams

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