Solutions for pulp and paper projects

End-to-end project support and modular solutions for more cost-effective projects

Process industry and mission-critical facilities have complex infrastructure requirements. For example: pulp and paper sector projects require solutions for mounting equipment safely in challenging environments.

Hilti can support whole project lifecycles with:

  • Design engineering and building information modeling (BIM) to get projects off the ground faster
  • Prefabrication and advanced logistics to save time and installation costs
  • Modular systems for MEP and innovative firestopping, along with advanced solutions for fastening to concrete and steel, for more flexibility
  • Specialist software and engineering support to make product selection simpler and fully compliant.

Modular supports

Engineered solutions designed to save time and costs for pulp and paper projects

Modular supports are essential for pulp and paper industry projects, including upstream and downstream production facilities as well as warehouses. Efficient infrastructure requires supports for everything from cable trays and ladders and junction box racks, through to control and monitoring posts and electrical conduits and cabling. Traditional welded supports can be slow and expensive to install and may lack flexibility when you need to make future alterations. By contrast, our modular supports can be installed more quickly, using hand tools. With engineering support and design optimization from Hilti, you can create modular supports that conform with standards and approvals. They can also handle 3D load exposure and comply with seismic requirements. Pre-cutting, kitting and assembly can speed up installation still further, while the finished supports require significantly less maintenance than traditional solutions, reducing expensive downtime.

Modular support systems for piping

Flexible solutions for process and utility piping

Process and utility piping systems are fundamental to the efficient operation of pulp and paper facilities. From the fiber line and recovery line, through to the paper machine, effluent treatment line and warehouse, piping and sprinkler systems need to be routed effectively. Hilti modular systems are not only more flexible, quicker to install and more compliant with relevant standards and approvals, but they can also allow you to simultaneously route other services, such as heating, ventilation and air conditioning. As with modular supports for E&I, we can offer you a wide range of engineering, training and support services. These include certified engineering support and analysis, 3D modelling and clash detection for BIM and certified 2D shop drawings and BOM.  

Fire protection solutions

Fiber-free firestopping solutions for a wide range of applications

Both upstream and downstream pulp and paper facilities rely on through-penetration to route cables, piping and HVAC services. This requires effective firestopping, both for safety and compliance reasons. Common solutions such as coated firestop batts can be slow and messy to install and, when they are repenetrated, may release contaminating fibers into the atmosphere. Hilti offers innovative, flexible and fiber-free firestopping solutions suitable for a wide range of applications, including single cables, cable bundles, cable trays and electrical conduits. These include pre-formed firestop sleeves, collars, wraps and bandages, along with modular sealing solutions for cable transit systems. Special cable transit software assists you as you plan sealing and fire protection around cables and pipes, while Firestop Documentation Manager software allows you to more accurately document firestopping, regardless of manufacturer. This not only simplifies the inspection process, but it can also help prove legal compliance when needed.

Grating for access platforms

Simpler and more secure fastening in seconds

Pulp and paper facilities require a wide variety of special structures, such as those designed for servicing equipment or for connecting production facilities. For access platforms, we offer grating fastening solutions focused on reliability, productivity and safety. Special grating fasteners can be installed by just one person and, unlike clamps, they don’t vibrate loose, delivering lower maintenance. Blunt tipped fasteners that don’t penetrate paintwork are also available, eliminating the need for touch-up work.

Multipurpose fastening on steel

Direct fastening for quicker, safer and easier fastening solutions

Fastening onto steel can be challenging and slow, requiring bulky tools to penetrate or weld. This can halt production lines, leading to a loss of productivity. Hilti takes a simpler approach: direct fastening. In addition to grating and checker plate fasteners, our portfolio contains direct fastening solutions for a broad range of applications. Solutions include grounding and bonding fasteners, cable tray tie downs, strut-to-steel fasteners, cable clips and a wide variety of anchors with relevant approvals. Direct fasteners can be installed by single operatives using cordless, corded or powder-actuated tools. Quicker, safer and easier fastening of elements such as clamps, cables and metal elements into steel structures and beams can speed up your projects, cut downtime and lower your cost of ownership.

Post-installed anchoring

Mechanical and chemical anchors for dynamic environments

Strong, reliable anchoring into concrete is a core requirement of pulp and paper facilities. Common applications include the fastening of racks for HVAC, water supply, sewage and production technology, as well as the fixing of access platforms and the fastening of cable trays and safety switches. Hilti makes fixing to concrete simpler, safer and faster with a range of chemical and mechanical post-installed anchors. Complying with all relevant codes and approvals, such as for cracked concrete or seismic conditions, they allow you to mount equipment with more peace of mind. PROFIS software makes it easier to select appropriate anchors for your applications, saving you hours of research and allowing you to export 2D and 3D designs into your preferred BIM and CAD programs. We also offer site support with pull tests, as well as diamond drilling solutions for cutting through rebar in concrete where required.

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Protect your teams

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