Time files when one is immersed in the moment. The year was 1997, but feels like yesterday, that Hilti India became a part of the Schaan Liechtenstein based, Hilti Global, organization which is today synonymous with construction excellence globally and in India.

Hilti’s genesis lies in Europe - in a land known for its precision, technology, and innovation. 25 years on, the revolution continues in India a culture inspired by originality, imagination, and ideas.

In a new language of optimized, human-first development, an iconic journey has invented itself gloriously for a new era of construction.

What we were to what we are

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It is time now that we take the baton forward with more zeal and continue this legacy of excellence and innovation. We feel immense gratitude for our Leadership team, our nationwide employees, our customers and engineering fraternity for their trust and support at all the times.

Be it unique learning curves, an infectious courage to beat odds or a non-negotiable adherence to values, we have been fortunate to witness the fabled ‘Hilti Way’ which is based on our people-oriented approach. Our journey has been full of immense learning, growing in a culture where values like teamwork, integrity, courage, and commitment drive individuals and you get to be among the people who strive for becoming better every day.

At Hilti, both passages of glory and periods of uncertainty are embraced with the same degree of steely courage and optimism. It is merely an extension of our approach of consistently creating a brighter and better future for everyone. Our preferred way of reaching that destination is to multiply stakeholder value at every step. All parties function collaboratively in building bridges of endearing relationships that flow seamlessly and spectacularly into iconic landmarks. 


We don’t remember a single time when we didn’t have a knotty riddle to solve or a stubborn challenge to crack. And yet, thanks to a close-knit network of brilliant employees, partners, and supportive stakeholders; we always made it work. The construction sector today may be standing at the edge of global changes, as a cumulative outcome of environmental imperatives, lifestyles, and new technologies – but at Hilti, the eagerness to welcome the next grand challenge doesn’t change. Our evolutionary DNA comes factor-fitted with it, positioning us perfectly to amplify our customers’ productivity, safety, and sustainability quotients. Yes, the odyssey to impact lives at scale, and create a better future for all, continues.

Increasing Speed

Reducing Cost

Ensuring Safety

Managing Equipment

Preparing Company for Future

As a key enabler, Hilti’s tools, technologies, and solutions lie behind the infrastructure and habitats that make construction on Earth truly sustainable. This is at once an immense honor and a great responsibility, and we take pride in upholding both with distinction. The ever-changing dynamics and journey of our tools, technologies and software have been nothing short of phenomenal. They have closely reflected disruptions in the industry and breathtakingly captured the aspirations of our users. Indeed, often, they have anticipated patterns and overtaken trends to keep our patrons ahead of the curve.

Be it the comprehensive nature of applications and use cases, seamless fit across the design > installation > management arc or a versatile genius to deliver in the toughest of conditions, the evolution of the Hilti portfolio is a stirring storyline of radical reinvention and exemplary adaptation.

Hilti’s quality, innovation, and customer-focus is what we are known for worldwide. However, we believe it is the fourth – our culture – that truly make us who we are. A culture that empowers ability, respects diversity, ensures growth & learning, and provides the opportunity for anyone to create history. Living example are the imperious landmarks we have pioneered with our customers, and which dot the length and breadth of India. Be it the trust our customers have in us, or the conviction we have in our people, an unflinching belief in humankind’s capacity to create miracles is what makes Hilti inimitably different. It is also something that has helped us deliver sustainable value, build differential leadership, and forge golden relationships over the years.  

Speaking of miracles, we have further launched an exclusive coffee table book for ‘25th Anniversary of Hilti in India’. More of an emotion than a book, it chronicles Hilti’s phenomenal quarter-of-a-century in India. This limited-edition masterpiece, a true collector’s item, was possible only because of the passionate involvement of all stakeholders, and our warm gratitude to each.

As you flip the pages, you will be walking a mile with all of us at Hilti India as we revisit the iconic moments, the clockwork solidity and the achievements that made this sparkling collection of milestones and memories a landmark. It will also act as a trailer, giving you a sense of the spectacular ways, we plan to reimagine the future.

The future of construction may be beyond our imagination, but we at Hilti can see it distinctly. It is a world where we pioneer the first inter-galactic ‘jobsite’ on Mars. A reality where space cities, flying mobiles and thinking buildings are commonplace. And a paradigm where deep tech like Artificial Intelligence and robotics works shoulder to shoulder with humans to create civilization’s next golden chapter.