5 Signs that You are a Jobsite Hero

This blog encapsulates the signs or to-dos that help a professional be in control of his Jobsite in the construction industry

Could this be you?

Managing a Jobsite effortlessly every day calls for a superhero, swooping in to save the day when parts break down and equipment stops. Just like superheroes, contractors don’t have a day off until the project is ongoing, they need to make sure that everything on the Jobsite is in working order and be on call whenever something goes wrong to rush to the aid of downed equipment and the Jobsite in general.

The pointers below illustrate some of the signs that denote that you are a Jobsite superhero. 

Sign 1. Verification of Tools:

Hilti laser tools means Precision and because we know every millimeter counts.

Every construction equipment is meant to handle the extreme conditions of the site. Especially the measuring instruments which are delicate in nature but required to work with utmost precision and deliver outstanding performance - and this is what Hilti tools are made to deliver. But at the same time Mishandling at sites, temperature fluctuations, and improper storage sometimes may result in the certain deviations in the results. This calls for a “Verification” of the equipment to let your work get going with minimal effects on the project timeline.

So, if you face altered results from your equipment, you should get it fixed on priority.

That’s when the Hilti’s superior verification of tools service comes into the picture. Under the ISO 9001 quality management system, Hilti gives a three-step service for all the equipment:

  • Verification of accuracy
  • Adjustment, clean and service
  • Documentation

So, next time if you have a critical project to begin with or find any deviation in your tool’s reading – just reach out to Hilti customer care and get your tool back into the perfect working condition.

To know more about Hilti’s Verification Service click here

Sign 2. Hassle-free tools service:

You know how to create a hassle-free working environment for workers so that they effortlessly use & service different tools effortlessly.

Connecting construction tools with one of the major issues in a construction site. Delays happen when users are not aware of the tool they use, how to retrieve usage information & send the tool for repair instantly. 

If you don’t want your workers to panic or feel alienated when it comes to gathering info about the equipment and how to service it, you need to make them aware of the equipment. Now, this might not be possible when there are hundreds of construction workers on-site. That’s when the Connect app becomes handy. With the Connect app, you can:

  • Book a tool repair, directly on-the-job
  • Find the serial number when the label is dirty or damaged
  • Quickly train the team on how to use a tool?
  • Find out every tool’s service status?
  • Instantly identify tools in jobsite

Connect App enables you to take control of all the construction equipment’s use, service, features, and training. So, next time when someone asks you, “Hey! Which tool is it?” you know where to look. To know more about the Connect App click here.

Sign 3. Asset Management:

You know the whereabouts of all the equipment and keep a track of everything under your purview at the Jobsite be it tools or employees. 

Are you an excel sheet wizard who has listed everything that Spreadsheet whizz? Organizational champion? You just know what’s going on… when, where and how. That’s a Jobsite superhero by any standards and up until a certain business size, you can still control everything from tools to commodities to certificates. What’s more, if you can continue to keep track of everything yourself despite business growth, we applaud you.

For example, your business grows within a few years by five times, from a team of ten to 50 plus or three projects to 15 projects, you’d be busy focusing on growth and in the meantime, it would be easy to lose track of managing everything. Hilti ON!Track is an asset management tool which helps you to take care of the inventory of all the tools on-site with the help of Bluetooth / barcode tracking. To know more, click here.

Sign 4. Project Timeline:

Your projects never get delayed, not even by a minute.

If you can meet all deadlines without a single delay then we’re impressed as we know that scope creep (the tendency of a project to grow in scale and complexity due to unexpected reasons) is increasing within the industry. It has become the norm to have difficulty in completing projects within timeline: in the past three years only 25% of all projects were achieved within their original deadline, ultimately affecting the original budget and nobody wants that, superhero or not.

With asset management software such as ON!Track, it can help fight both overtime and over budget tasks through in-depth data management and actionable insights. The key is to find transparency in your business to enable you to identify inefficiencies that could help you get your project back on track. We could help you with that. 

Sign 5. On-site Testing:

You make sure what you build is right.

It is important to build a structure with the utmost precision. If the structure is not according to the design guidelines, it may fail. This may result in a loss in business and even lead to loss of life. Therefore, testing of a structure is imperative in the construction business.

The testing can be conducted in two phases:

•         Onsite testing during the design phase

•         Onsite Testing after installation

So, if you want to:

•         Make sure that the load resistance and quality of design are good to go.

•         Determine the resistance values of unknown base material or of base materials, which are different and not in the original approval document.

•         Check the quality and safety of post-installed rebar and fastening systems after installation, by testing part of the installation.

To Summarize: 

One thing is clear, a superhero, with all their skills, can reach their true potential by embracing technology such as the Internet of Things (IoT). We know that the Internet of Things (IoT) can link physical things, such as a power tool, a compressor or a safety harness, with digital information and processes. By equipping these physical things with sensors and connectivity, data can be automatically captured in the field and fed to software that helps companies to run important business processes.

So, if you embrace technology and integrate it with the conventional construction procedures you become the Jobsite Hero.

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