Bringing you the Best of Diamond Coring-The Hilti Way

Read how Hilti pioneers in the applications of Diamond Coring as best-in-class core drilling equipment manufacturers

Bringing you the Best of Diamond Coring-The Hilti Way


This blog post talks about applications of Diamond coring and how Hilti has been a pioneer in manufacturing tools that offer the best in class diamond coring results. 


Coring or Core Drilling is a technique used in modern construction as an option for cutting precise holes in the construction. When core drilling is carried out by a diamond drill bit, it is called diamond drilling. Widely regarded as the gold-standard method for drilling holes, diamond coring/drilling is used in construction sector. The diamond drill bit allows one to drill through variety of materials, both quickly and efficiently and also has a number of other significant advantages over conventional drilling.

The use of diamond in the drill bit makes cutting more accurate and delivers a higher standard of the end result. The increased accuracy implies that there is a reduced risk of inadvertent structural damage. There is also a bonus of notably less amount of debris that in turn helps save time, effort and disposal costs. Another reason why diamond drilling is getting adapted more frequently is that diamond drilling can even be conducted in harsh jobsite conditions such as confined spaces and even underwater. And, with remote control operability, it is highly convenient.

Various Applications of Diamond Coring

●     To make openings for ducts, pipes, and cables.

●     To make openings for structural anchors.

●     To facilitate anchor installations.

●     For the creation of manholes.

●     To help manage rebar fixing.

Hilti in the Diamond Coring Space

Hilti has brought a range of core cutting machines or diamond drilling tools specially designed for reinforced concrete cutting, drilling and a host of other applications which includes hand-held or rig-based, wet or dry, light or heavy-duty drilling. Our exemplary DD line of diamond coring systems achieve impressive performance in rig-based wet-coring work on reinforced concrete walls and floor decks, drilling hole diameters ranging anything from 18mm to up to 750mm. Our solutions offer outstanding simplicity that allows for jobs of all kinds to be completed quickly with exceptional ease. Many of our diamond coring tools feature power control LED lights to help inexperienced users to achieve the optimum rate of drilling progress and maximum core bit life under all conditions.

Hilti diamond coring tools can be ideally described as powerful, compact, and easy to handle, they are ideal for drilling penetrations of all kinds depending on your requirement. You can use our coring tools for drilling holes to accommodate pipes, ventilation ducts, large diameter anchors, reinforcing bars, and railings and barriers.

Hilti Diamond Coring Tools

Here’s a glimpse of our Diamond Coring Tools Portfolio:

DD 160

A compact but powerful diamond drilling system for rig-based coring in diameters from 25 to 202 mm (8”).

DD 200 G02

A heavy-duty diamond drilling rig for coring medium and large diameters between 35mm to 500 mm.

DD 200 G02 (DD-ST 200)

A heavy-duty diamond drilling system for rig-based coring in medium and large diameters of up to 500 mm.

DD 350-CA

A heavy-duty diamond drilling system with a high-frequency motor and auto-feed unit for rig-based coring in medium and large diameters of 52mm to 500 mm.



Hilti, a name to reckon in the area of construction equipment, walks the extra mile to offer state-of-the-art diamond coring tools. Visit our website to know more about diamond coring tools and equipment like drills, saws, and accessories for coring and sawing concrete and other mineral materials. Our coring tools can be used hand-held or rig-based, wet or dry, light or heavy-duty, all designed for powerful performance. 

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