Concrete Cutting Demystified with Hilti


This blog post gives an insight into Core Cutting machines and highlights the benefits of using core cutting machines in lieu of conventional methods.


Concrete cutting and drilling is the first job that one has to take up at every construction or renovation site. There are several versions of a concrete cutting machine that are available in the market, but only a few are worthy enough to handle stressful scenarios. Even though the majority of the developed nations are already employing these machines often, India remains to grow within this part of the industry.

Many experts and researchers see India as the most prominent upcoming market for diamond core cutting machines and heavy duty diamond sawing tools. This trend is evident from the fact that infrastructure labor costs have risen by a little more than 50% in the past three years (Source).

Therefore, to meet the deadlines and to complete the jobs in the specified funding, contractors and constructors are shifting to automation. Substitution of the workforce together with the automatic equipment ensures decreased project costs and helps in keeping up with the deadlines.

Why do need Concrete Cutting/Drilling Machines?

Many a time, when we are executing a concrete cutting job, we don’t know the kinds of hidden rebar that might stand in our way. If you want to get the job done quickly and get to the other side of a concrete wall, floor, or barrier as quickly as you can; you would understand how costly and time-consuming an unexpected jamming of the core bits and cutting discs can be.

For these very reasons and more, our engineers have developed options that can help you improve productivity and cut back on downtime. You can now easily match the demands of your base materials with coring drills/cutting machines that can adapt their gearing and speed to the job at hand. These revolutionary tools also minimize diamond core bit jams with core drills that can detect and compensate for embedded rebar.

Masons, plumbers, building constructors, etc. are all migrating towards diamond drilling / core cutting machines / concrete cutting machine to save time and overhead costs. Diamond core cutting brings along the following benefits:

  1. Precise Cutting
  2. Reduced downtime
  3. Reduced noise
  4. Maintenance of the parent structure
  5. Ability to cut heavily through reinforced concrete
  6. Lesser dust and debris

From the House of Hilti

Hilti is a major front-runner in various concrete cutting applications. Hilti’s offers an array of concrete cutting tools and diamond drill bits that are widely regarded as the gold-standard method for drilling holes.

The diamond drill bit or cutting disc allows one to drill through any material, both quickly and efficiently and also has some other significant advantages over conventional drilling. The use of diamond     makes cutting more accurate and delivers a superior end result. The increased accuracy implies that there is a reduced risk of inadvertent structural damage with a bonus of notably less amount of debris that in turn helps save time, effort and disposal costs.

Hilti offers a wide range of Diamond drilling tools and cutting tools for several applications like wet or dry, for light or heavy-duty drilling especially designed for powerful performance. You can go through our concrete cutting and drilling machine portfolio to understand all our offerings in detail. Hilti provides powerful and handy core cutting machines manufactured to “cut” above the rest. We offer tools that are specially designed to be robust, ergonomic and cut cleanly and accurately.


While purchasing a core cutting machine, your needs, serviceability, and maintenance of equipment, along with quality, cost, equipment life, and equipment transportation need to be accounted for. Hilti offers an exemplary India holds tremendous potential in core cutting and diamond cutting machines. In the forthcoming years, the urbanization in our country will witness a considerable boom where diamond core cutting machines and heavy duty diamond sawing tools will become a necessity for all project managers in the conventional construction.

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