Electrical Drilling Revisited with Hilti

Read about how electric drill machines differ from one another and how Hilti equipment has mastered all kinds of drilling applications


This blog post talks about Hilti’s expertise in electric drilling and its varied applications.


Any construction work that we take up work requires drilling. Drilling is the most critical task that drives other tasks like Anchoring. If the hole is not drilled properly, it may cause the fixture to fall off.

Drilling Applications

It is advised to use an electric hammer drill instead of a regular electric drill to drill into concrete. It helps when the drill bit has a carbide tip as it contributes significantly towards safe drilling. An electric hammer drill machine (electrical hammer drill machine) combined with the carbide drill tip ensures that we have the right torque, impact energy and impact frequency for drilling in concrete. The Carbide tip ensures that there is less breakage of drill-bit upon heating rebar.

It is essential to follow a proper technique while drilling. The drilling needs to be carried out at a right angle to the drilling surface. It is critical for the operator to avoid the use of any physical force to insert the electric drill machine. It is also vital that one doesn’t drill deeper than required, as drilling too deep a hole may make the concrete weak which may lead to cracks in it.

What are the Various Applications of Electric Drilling

●     To facilitate structural anchor installations.

●     For post-installed rebar fixing

●     To Install flush anchors for cable tray supports.

●     To install drivers for channel fixing

●     To install anchors for façade bracket fixing

Types of Electric Drill Machines

Electric drill machines can broadly be categorized into:

  1. Regular Universal drill machines
  2. Rotary hammer drill machines
  3. Combihammer drill machines

You must consider the functionality of each of the equipment before making the purchase.

A regular drill machine simply facilities rotation action which is used for drilling through wood and steel. Hammer drills come with a rotation + hammering mechanism which is necessary for affective drilling in concrete, brick and masonry.  

Rotary hammer, on the other hand, utilizes an electro-pneumatic hammer piston to generate high impact energy, which allows it to drill concrete for a more extended duration application. Rotary hammers also constitute a hammer-only mode for chiseling requirements. Most of these electric drill machines from Hilti come with an SDS-plus bit holding systems. SDS-plus is an ideal fit for drilling holes of smaller diameter and light-duty application. Rotary hammers are generally designed for tough jobsite conditions, they perform well under heavy-duty use. Most Rotary hammers also have “rotation only mode” which when used with universal chuck can perform light drilling in wood and steel with suitable drill bit.

Combination hammer is a derivative of the rotary hammer that is just the ideal choice when the job at hand requires light chipping, correction chipping and ability to drill larger diameter (40mm) holes through concrete capabilities with the ability to drill bigger holes (1mm). They generate high impact energy results through larger, harder-hitting electro-pneumatics.

Exemplary Drill Machines from the House of Hilti

Choose from our range of high-performance electric drill machines and hammer drills for multiple applications like hammer drilling in concrete, wood, and metal. Hilti offers a variety of electric drill machines based on your needs be it hammer drill machines for chiseling, concrete drilling or masonry or hand drill machines for light-duty drilling. These hammer drills come with Active Vibration Reduction ensuring maximum hammer drilling efficiency.

Electric Drill Machine: UD 4, UD 30 (Only rotation function for drilling through wood and steel)

Hilti Rotary Hammer Drill: Hilti Rotary hammer machines pack optimum power with high comfort due to a compact size and lighter weight than all the other power tools in its category. Our range of hand drill machines includes TE 1, TE 2, TE 2M, TE 7, TE 7C

These covers optimum drilling diameter of 4-16mm with full range extending up to 28mm (occasional drilling)

Hilti Combi Hammer Drills: Hilti’s Combi Hammer drills excel at drilling large diameter and deep holes like chiseling and chipping. Hilti’s line of electrical drill machines includes TE 30, TE 50 AVR, TE 70 AVR, TE 70D AVR.

Hilti Tool Service for Electric Drill Machines

When you buy a Hilti tool, you always get more than just a tool. And, this saying particularly extends to the exemplary Hilti tool service. Hilti offers its “1-1-3” tool service, which is Hilti’s very own way of delivering the best possible service plan to its customers. Hilti’s electric drill machines fall in the category of this tool service that offers a service plan par excellence, as detailed below.

•    1 - Hilti bears the tool repair cost for “1” complete year from the date of purchase.

•    1 - After every charged repair, if the tool breaks down again within “1” month, Hilti will bear the re-work costs.

•    3 - 3 or Free- Hilti Time Promise. We promise to deliver your repaired tool within 3 days, or the repair is on us! No more delays at jobsite due to tool repair.

3 or Free Offer is currently available in all major cities in India


Hilti is a reputed name when it comes to manufacturing of construction equipment especially state of the art Power tools. Hilti manufactures an array of power tools including rotary hammer machines and Combi-hammer machines and universal electric drills for various types of drilling applications with technology designed to reduce dust and fatigue and increase performance, durability, and speed.

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