Hilti Angle Grinders: Your Go-to Solution for Concrete Cutting and Grinding

This blog gives an in-depth understanding of the functioning of angle grinders and their applications along with the details of Hilti tool offerings in the foray of angle grinders and electric cutters

Angle Grinder

What are Angle grinders?

Angle grinders are power tools that are typically used for removing excess material from a particular piece. Angle grinders can be used on various materials that need specialized attachments like cut-off discs (diamond blade), abrasive grinding discs, grinding stones, sanding discs, wire brush wheels and polishing pads. Angle grinders are versatile power tools that are a part of a tool brand range and offers specialized functionalities like grinding metal and cutting tile, stucco, and pavers, routing out the mortar, and can perform sanding, polishing and sharpening other tools.

These tools have large-scale use in metalworking and construction and are the instrument of choice during emergency rescues. They mostly adorn workshops, service garages and auto body repair shops and are an ideal companion in workmanship tasks.

Types of and Applications Angle Grinders

Angle grinders usually come in a huge variety created for the specific need. Every job function requires specialized grinder with the right disc size as well as the motor, power source (pneumatic or electric), rpm, and arbor size. The motor power is directly proportional to the disc size which is usually measured in inches or millimetres. Discs for pneumatic grinders are much smaller and are generally used for lighter duty jobs that need precision. Electric grinders are the heavy-duty tools, more commonly used for more extensive, heavy-duty jobs. However, it is not necessary that pneumatic grinders have to be small electric grinders have to be large, there are also small electric grinders and large pneumatic grinders.

Angle grinders are available in varied sizes and can come in very cheap to very expensive makes. Angle grinders’ ability to handle different wheels and accessories makes them very versatile. There are times when your angle grinders include a spindle washer and spindle nut such that it allows you to install different configurations to accommodate thicker or thinner wheels. It can also help cut structures like pillars and beams altogether.

Even though one can cut most metal with a hacksaw, but angle grinders are unbeatable when you have to cut into rebar, angle iron, rusted bolts, and welded wire fencing. An angle grinder is fitted with a dry-cut diamond wheel makes such difficult cuts easy.

Hilti in the Periphery of Angle Grinders

Hilti is a long-standing manufacturer of power tools that makes best-in-class angle grinders for varied applications. Hilti angle grinders offer the benefit of long service life, high performance, and safety features that meet the highest demands. They enable safer and more convenient jobsite functions and can be repaired easily at jobsites to reduce downtime.

Let’s take a look at Hilti’s portfolio of state-of-the-art angle grinders:

AG 100-D

850W (230V), 700W (100-110V) angle grinder with dead man’s switch, for discs up to 100 mm. Weighs 1.9 kg making it lighter in weight compared to the tools in its class with an 850W motor and a maximum cutting depth of 16mm. It is the ideal tool for finishing applications, cutting and grinding metals and occasional cutting and grinding mineral materials. Its low-profile design for easier access to tight spaces makes it convenient and easy to use. It is designed for working comfort – less tiring to use over long periods. Also, AG 100-D comes with a spare set of carbon brushes, which are easy to change in the field.

AG 100-S

This slim 850W (230V), 700W (100-110V) angle grinder comes with a side switch, for discs up to 100 mm. Its lightweight compared to the tools in its class with a maximum cutting depth of 16mm. Its powerful 850W (700W) motor with a low-profile design provides for easier access to tight spaces. Designed for working comfort – less tiring to use over long periods makes it very convenient and easy to use.

AG 125-13S NEW

This is a 1300W angle grinder with long-life brushes, for cutting and grinding with discs up to 125 mm. It can be effectively used for cutting and grinding steel and mineral materials, cutting rough and fine grinding of metals and mineral materials, removing coatings on cement and screed, and is instrumental in renovating joints. You can work on a wide variety of surfaces and materials with this tool.  It comes with Hilti’s specialized Active Torque Control (ATC) that stops the tool body from spinning uncontrollably if the disc jams. Thus, helping to reduce a common safety hazard.

AG 125-13S features the Hilti Smart Power technology that automatically adjusts power output to suit the material being cut, delivering consistently high cutting performance and protecting the motor from overload. Ergonomically-designed tool for universal use in cutting and grinding, it has a non-slip grip area on the back of the tool and soft-grip side handle for low vibration and maximum comfort. You can easily save time cutting and slitting (chasing) in widths up to 25 mm using two discs (with DC EX 125/5" accessories).

AG 180-P

This 2000W angle grinder with a standard on/off switch from the house of Hilti is ideal for metal applications with discs up to 180 mm. It offers weld grinding and metal preparation applications with high adjustability with a multi-finger trigger and a spindle lock for fast, easy disc changes. It also comes with a three-position side handle for a secure, comfortable grip and supports working in any position


Hilti is proud of its range of angle grinders and electric cutters which are not only handy but also very powerful. Our power tools variety features various disc diameters and switches, designed for cutting metal and concrete, as well as grinding. We are also the best manufacturers of electric cutters with diamond blades of different disc diameters, designed for concrete cutting. Hilti tools give you the benefit of long service life, high performance and safety features that meet the highest standards making your daily work with easy and convenient.

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