Hilti PR 30 being used at a jobsite for leveling application.

Hilti PR 30-HVS A12 Rotating Laser

Best-in-class technology for accurate leveling and alignment on your job site.

Discover unmatched precision with the Hilti PR 30-HVS Outdoor Rotating Laser. Elevate your construction projects with advanced leveling and alignment capabilities. Explore the reliability and efficiency of Hilti technology.

What is a rotating laser level?

A rotating laser is a must-have tool for all project sites. It is an essential tool starting from the excavation stage to finishing. Used in construction for all horizontal levelling, vertical alignment and squaring applications quickly and reliably.

Rotating lasers are a modern substitution for traditional methods such as auto-level/dump level/auto-layout tools. The primary advantage of the rotating laser level is the high accuracy, one-man operation and ability to operate under day/night conditions.

A rotating laser provides a complete 360-degree horizontal or vertical plane, allowing for easy leveling and alignment over vast distances.

Advantages of Hilti Rotating Lasers

Save up to INR 25,000 per floor with Hilti PR 30-HVS

In addition to saving direct labour costs, customers who use the Hilti rotating laser level tool save hundreds of hours in productivity. However, the higher accuracy offered by PR 30 HVS versus traditional tools saves valuable raw material – concrete. A simple calculation on the right shows how.

Additionally, save upto 35% time in slab casting.

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Key Applications of PR 30-HVS Rotating Laser

Excavation Land Leveling

Using the horizontal levelling features, the Hilti rotating laser levels can be used for levelling large areas of excavation land. Making the Hilti PR 30-HVS an essential tool starting from excavation to casting each floor of the building!

Column Alignment

If you have a vast row of columns that need to be aligned in a straight line, look no further than the PR 30-HVS offering automatic vertical alignment. It offers the fastest and most accurate method to perform vertical alignment.

Shutter Levelling

Shutter levelling or Formwork levelling is an important application in construction sites. Formwork needs to be horizontally levelled uniformly prior to concrete pouring. PR 30 offers unmatched ease and accuracy for this application.

Point and Height Transfer

Point and height transfer at job sites is a critical application typically done today using water tubes which is affected by wind and labor skills. With PR 30-HVS rotating laser avoid the need to painstaking marking and transfering points manually from every column, making point transfer across columns fast and easy.

Customer Testimonial

Hilti PR 30 has been an outstanding tool due to its high accuracy and reliability.

Mr. Dipak Gajjar
Managing Director, Shree Hari Construction

Dipak Gajjar, MD Shree Hari Constructions


How often do I need to calibrate the rotating lasers?

Hilti recommends the calibration of laser levelling tools at least once every year. For the first two years, Hilti offers free calibration services for your tool!

Are rotating lasers easy to use?

The most important aspect of the rotating laser is a simple one-touch operation, making it easy to use and teach!

Are rotating lasers delicate?

Hilti rotating laser levels are extremely robust and made to US Military standards, offering remarkable drop robustness and usage even under rain conditions.

What if I already have a Total Station?

Total Station is a surveying tool used for topographical surveying and point-marking. Whereas, the PR 30 is a further important tool for all horizontal levelling and vertical alignment applications, making it a different tool from the Total Station.

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