Why Are Diamond Coring Drill Bits The Best In Business ?

Read about the advantages of a diamond core drill bit along with the factors that determine its long life.

Diamond Coring Drill Bits


This article gives you an overview of a diamond core drill bit looking at the various advantages it has to offer. We also look at the factors that determine the life of a diamond drill bit while comparing it to carbide drill bits.


Not all core bits are equal, but the type of core drill bits that you use largely depends on some factors like the type of material that you are drilling in, the depth of the hole to be drilled, and whether the drilling surface is dry or wet. Choosing the wrong type of drill bit can lead to broken bits, damaged drills, and higher operational costs. Whereas, selecting the right drill helps you to complete the task with ease as well as ensures that there is no damage to the tool in the process, and the operational costs are under control

Coring is a modern construction technique for cutting precise holes during construction, and when the same process is carried out using a diamond core drill bit, it is known as diamond coring or drilling. Its ability to extract core samples from the hardest Concrete environments has revolutionized the construction industry. It is widely known as the ‘gold standard’ since it is quick, efficient, and has significant advantages over the conventional drilling methods.

The diamond drill bits are made up of industrial category small diamonds arranged in a metallic pattern. The diamonds fade away as you use the drill. The versatility of the diamond drill allows the user to make holes in most material from reinforced concrete to natural stone. Its ability to create holes with precision without leaving any damage on the surface allows it to drill holes from under 10mm to 600mm without any limitations on the depths it can go to. The robust nature of the diamond core drill bit makes them ideal for extracting core samples from the harshest environments, overcoming the drawbacks of the other drill bits in the toughest conditions.

There are many factors to be considered when you buy a drill, which also determines the life of a diamond drill bit like:

●     Abrasiveness and hardness of the material being drilled

●     Power and speed of the drill

●     The feed rate

●     Coolant- coolant type, force, and direction

●     Drilling Depth

●     Experience of the operator

●     Mesh size, sharpness, quality, and hardness of the drill bit

Hilti provides diamond coring machines that produce low dust, vibrations, and noise to prevent health hazards for the person operating the tool. Our German engineered machines ensure that you get the optimum performance with minimum maintenance hassles. We offer a wide variety of diamond coring machines that can drill a vast range of holes and it is accurate and easy to use.

Diamond Drill bits vs Carbide Drill bits

Carbide drill bits
The drills generate a high amount of heat during the drilling process, and this often reduces the duration for how long a drill bit retain a sharp edge. Carbide bits can dissipate the heat rapidly and can hold onto a sharper edge for a longer time when compared to the other type of bits.

Diamond core drill bits
These drill bits are used on a wide variety of surfaces like Concrete, masonry and natural stone. Carbide bits are no longer able to carry out the job of drilling on new super-hard floors, wall tiles, and counters. Thus, diamond drill bits are better suited for the job. A diamond core drill bit produces a lot of heat and friction during the drilling process. And, to ensure the cooling of diamond segments, water is used for the duration of the drilling activity.

Hilti Diamond Coring Consumables

Here’s a glimpse of our Diamond Drilling Consumables:

UCL core bits

This is a premium diamond core bit for drilling with tools of any power class in all types of concrete (without connection end). It has a superior lifetime thanks to its 12mm diamond segment height. These core bits are available from a diameter range of 35mm to 300mm.

UCL Change Modules

This is a premium change module for UCL core bits, no need to buy a complete core bit again, simply replace the drilling head and reuse the old core bit. Available from diameter range of 52mm to 202mm

SP – Line Core Bits

Ultimate diamond core bit for drilling in very abrasive concrete (without connection end) with high rebar content. This has Hilti Equidist technology (from 12mm to 600mm diameter) featuring precisely positioned diamonds, which give you higher speed and life in the toughest of conditions.

Core Bit Extensions

Need to drill beyond the length of the core bit. These extensions help you take the drilling length a further 300mm beyond the standard length of the core bits.

German engineering and quality are trusted world over, and Hilti is a brand to reckon with across the globe. We offer a wide variety of drilling tools and equipment with state-of-the-art technology, that provides optimum performance and serves the best operational life possible. To know more about the various diamond coring tools, click here.

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