Installing a seismic proof sprinkler system

Hilti jobsite reference industrial warehouse Vicenza Italy

The challenge

Hilti jobsite reference industrial warehouse Vicenza Italy

An industrial warehouse needed to install sprinklers. There were several challenges.

It was very large warehouse with a surface of more than 3,000 m2.

The modular support system needed to be seismic proof and the base material was very thin, making it difficult to attach the support system.


We worked closely with the contractor, Idrotermotre, and chose our Hilti MQS modular support system for the project. It’s extremely flexible, easy to assemble and designed to withstand the effects of earthquakes.

The modular support system had to fit into tight spaces and also encountered many obstacles due to the shape of the roof beams.

This meant that many decisions had to be taken onsite, regarding the arrangement of the pipes and where to fasten the supports. Our Hilti technical team (sales engineer and technical department) worked with the contractor throughout the installation.

We defined all the modular support systems needed, carried out multiple inspections and provided technical advice and support to the contractors during installation.

This helped to install the support system quickly, safely and correctly.

We also used a range of anchors including our Hilti HST anchor for seismic loads, our Hilti HUS 3 anchoring screw for shallow material bases and our Hilti chemical anchor HIT HY 270 for hollow base materials.