Jobsite incharge checking firestop selector
Jobsite incharge checking firestop selector

Firestop Selector

Plan, install and manage firestop solutions

Hilti's Firestop Selector can help Consultants, Architects, MEP Engineers, Facade Engineers, Firestop Specialty Contractors and Trade Customers be more productive on the jobsite and in the office.

Login using your Hilti Online credentials or register for a new account to:

  • View more than 1,550 trusted firestop systems
  • Save systems to projects and generate UL certificate Typicals in .dwg
  • Create Schedule of Systems (Excel and PDF)
  • Submit and manage Engineering Judgments (EJs)
  • Access the Firestop Selector Mobile App

Benefits of using the Firestop Selector

With three ways to search for firestop systems – Direct Search, Advanced Search and Guided Search — Hilti's Firestop Selector is adaptable to everyone, from firestop experts to less experienced firestop customers, and provides a trusted resource to more confidently select and submit on firestop systems and products.

Increased productivity
Spend less time finding systems and creating project submittals. Firestop Selector helps you determine the right firestopping solution for unique joint and penetration applications and site conditions.

Improved customer experience
The user-friendly and intuitive interface on the Hilti Construction Platform allows you to submit, save and manage your firestop systems, Engineering Judgments and submittals.

Anytime, Anywhere Convenience
Access firestop Engineering Judgments on the jobsite, on the road or in the office with the Hilti Firestop Selector. 

Construction Platform and Firestop Selector How to videos

  • How to register for the Hilti Construction Platform

  • How to search and select firestop systems on the Hilti Construction Platform

  • How to create firestop system submittals on the Hilti Construction Platform

  • How to share projects on the Hilti Construction Platform

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I get started using the Firestop Selector?

If you are already registered on Hilti Online, you can go to Hilti Construction Platform and login using your existing credentials. 

If you’re not registered, select “Register”. If you think you may be registered but have forgotten your password, select “Forgot password?”.

Login to the Hilti Construction Platform

What can I do on the Hilti Construction Platform?

When first accessing the Hilti Construction Platform, you will see five (5) options allowing a range of services and functionality for Engineering Judgments to firestop system search and submittals:

  1. New Engineering Judgment Request
  2. Revise Engineering Judgment Request
  3. Ask Hilti Fire Protection Engineer
  4. Firestop Selector
  5. Submittal Generator