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Big Data, Not Bigger Batteries

How IoT on cordless tools can drive productivity into the future

Can you boost productivity with bigger, heavier and more expensive cordless tools? Maybe. But for project managers, there's another way. Want the whole story? Download the full whitepaper below.

Data-driven services: Are you ready?

37 %

of contractors
say they’ll adopt digitized asset management by 2022

75 %

of contractors
already provide managers with mobile devices, but only ...

18 %

of contractors
... report using apps regularly to access project data

36 %

of contractors
say technology fails when it doesn’t fit with existing processes

More batteries, more problems?

Powerful cordless tools are replacing corded and gas-powered tools...

... but more cordless tools can mean more complex tool cribs, making traditional processes – paper trails, incompatible technology and siloed platforms – woefully insufficient. These productivity burdens can hurt the bottom line.

What's the real cost of managing a tool crib?

Direct costs

  • purchasing
  • repairs
  • maintenance and calibration

Indirect costs

  • time spent procuring tools, managing failures and tracking lost equipment 
  • productivity decreases from underperforming batteries
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How can data help?

Jobsites generate vast amounts of data waiting to be collected and exploited. All it takes is the right kind of battery.


Tools and batteries equipped with IoT (Internet of Things) capture onsite data that can provide real-time information, such as battery health, to the user. But the real power comes from data-driven services in the cloud.

Turning data into business value

Data-driven services make tool management more efficient

Once the jobsite data is uploaded to the cloud, stakeholders anywhere – onsite, in the office or even at home – can harness the power of data-driven services to gain real-time transparency into equipment, inventory and costs.

What can data-driven services do for you?

Alert stakeholders when an underperforming tool or battery needs repair or replacement. In some cases, exchanges can be seamless.

Enable managers to do live inventory checks at storage facilities and gather last-known locations of tools.

Identify idle or hoarded equipment so managers can get it where it's needed straightaway.

Provide access to software platforms and consultative expertise that can help optimize tool parks.

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Already using cordless tools?

You're an upgrade away from unlocking productivity gains with IoT

A recent study found that a typical construction company can save around 90 hours a month using cloud-based data-driven services to locate missing tagged equipment and get it where it needs to be. Want to learn more? Download the whitepaper today.

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Digitization and other technologies can help you increase productivity, optimize your business and enhance safety. How? Find out by exploring our new collection of whitepapers, which include topics such as data-driven services, automation, asset management and human augmentation.

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