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Equipment as a Service

It's like Software as a Service (SaaS), but for tools

With EaaS, companies don't buy equipment but acquire it on-demand via a subscription package, allowing them to operate more flexibly and stay competitive. Want the whole story? Download the full whitepaper below.

Why staying competitive matters now more than ever

10 %

in overall construction costs in 2019 alone

40 %

of construction prices due to labor shortages

40 %

of contractors
expect increasing steel and aluminum tariffs will make a significant impact

How can EaaS help?

With an increased need to adopt lean processes, successful companies are now embracing EaaS as a way to mitigate costs.

With Eaas you can...

Avoid purchase costs and spend less time and money on repairs, which the provider handles.

Acquire newer, safer, more productive tools that meet the exact needs of your unique projects.

Contribute to circular economy principles such as reusability, repairability and recyclability.

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Enhancing EaaS with data

IoT technology allows tools to capture real-time data

IoT-equipped tools deliver usage information to the cloud to enable better decision-making. EaaS providers use this data to provide enhanced services, such as alerting tool park managers of underutilized tools or underperforming equipment.

EaaS is changing the way construction companies operate their businesses.


EaaS and digital technology enable you to free up your skilled labor's valuable capacity. Don't search for additional skilled labor; instead consider how to get more value from the team you already have. 

Is EaaS right for you?

It could help you save money while working more efficiently

Now's the time to establish new lean and flexible business processes. By accessing subscription-based equipment rather than owning it, you can acquire tools best suited for your needs while benefitting from the latest data-driven services.

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Ready to learn more?

Digitization and other technologies can help you increase productivity, optimize your business and enhance safety. How? Find out by exploring our new collection of whitepapers, which include topics such as data-driven services, automation, asset management and human augmentation.

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