List Price Update Nov 01, 2022

Despite a steadily subsiding pandemic, we continue to face a challenging macroeconomic context with geopolitical tensions in Asia and Europe, rising inflation, commodity, and energy price volatility in an inflationary environment. As a result, our costs, especially in materials, logistics and supply chain as well as labor, have further increased over the past few months.

We value our partnership and have been trying to balance out those increases thus far but given the continued pressure Hilti is no longer in a position to maintain the current price structure and hence we need to revise our prices with effect from Nov 01, 2022.

Given that various product groups are impacted to different degrees, our list price increases are carefully adjusted at product level, with an aggregated price increase of 9%.

We understand that you and the entire industry are facing many challenges, but we are confident that our industry-leading innovative, safe, and productive Hilti solutions can help secure your competitive advantage.

Should you have any questions or need further information, please do not hesitate to contact your dedicated Hilti Account Manager or our Customer Service at 1-800-102-6400.


We sincerely thank for the trust You place in us and are committed to serve You to the best of our ability.

Yours faithfully,

Jayant Kumar

General Manager
Hilti India Pvt. Ltd.