HSU-R Hilti Stone Undercut Anchor

HSU-R anchor is one of the safe fastening system for natural stone with ETA approval and CABR seismic test report. Hilti’s 4-in-1-hole gauge provides convenience of borehole measurement in a single handy tool. Each inspection gauge is paired with its own calibrator to ensure consistent and accurate measurements.

Hilti stone undercut accessories ensure the correct borehole geometry. The single piece sleeve eliminates need to prepare the anchor before setting, reduces risk of stuck sleeves and has no anchor parts which can fall out or get lost after installation.

High reliability and safety built into in each step of the anchor application from design to setting.

HSU-R Undercut Anchor

In addition, unique setting mark on this anchor is ideal to identify correct installation. This system is easy to maintain and clad asymmetric shapes.
Extensive testing inside and outside Hilti enables engineers to confidently design for stone fixings using the HSU stone undercut system.

While comparing to the traditional clamp or pin type mountings, Approved stone undercut anchors provides

• Higher confidence of design with approvals ensuring reliable and proven testing and technical data
• Reduces chance of system failure due to accumulated weight from upper panels transferring to lower ones.
• Higher resistance to movement and deformations, under strong wind and seismic conditions
• Easier, controllable installation, adjustment and maintenance of stone facades




Mechanical Anchor HSU R Installation

Mechanical Anchor HSU R Installation