Hilti Wire Hanger Systems (HWS)

HWS (Hilti Wire Hanger Systems) - Smart & Productive way to suspend all M&E & HVAC

Hilti wire hanger system is the complete solution to suspending static loads such as M&E services, HVAC and signage. HWS is safe and reliable solution and is tested independently by TUV, UL and comply with SMACNA standards.

The system is supplied complete as a ready-to-use factory tested kit comprising a high tensile steel wire rope hanger and choice of end fitting attached to it. The system includes blocker mechanism which is a keyless model which not only secures the wire rope, but also allows adjustment of the installation height without using any tool. The overall system is lightweight & makes the arrangement aesthetically pleasing.

Hilti wire hangers are available in various sizes. The safe working load are determined based on SMACNA standards with minimum 5:1 safety factor in vertical plane. Each size is designed to carry specific weight range and has a designed safe working loads. Quality and attention to detail are the attribute of Hilti products.


•         Safe working load tested: with published load data (FTM).

•         Reduces installation times.

•         Choice of wire rope lengths means no cutting or joining.

•         Lightweight; leading to low carbon footprint.

•         Infinitely adjustable – in an instant.

•         Choice of end fittings.

•         Less storage/warehousing space

•         ETA Approved internally threaded anchor with cracked concrete and seismic C1 category approval; suitable for various substrates (concrete and hollow core slabs) and suitable fixings


•          Safe and reliable solution: Tested independently by TUV and comply with SMACNA standards.

•         Cracked concrete approved solution

•         Productivity; Supplied in ready to use kits, faster to install, save time & money

•          Installation convenience: Easy to adjust without special tools, making it hassle free installation.

•         Lightweight & aesthetically pleasing


Innovative HWS Installation from Hilti

Innovative HWS Installation from Hilti

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