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Overview: With our Hilti Connect App, change the way you interact with your tools

When jobs are running overtime, over budget or businesses failing to adapt to change, we often blame it on productivity or the lack of it. This is a reason for great concern in the construction industry, but not many know exactly how to address it.  Evidence shows several businesses have turned to the Internet of Things (IoT) to unlock the development of productivity. The construction sector is now inclined towards unravelling IoT’s capability to digitize processes to gain efficiency and competitive edge especially in the area of equipment and tools in construction.

The Construction industry works in a mode that is traditionally offline. However, with the advent of new technologies and greater online presence, more and more customers are demanding breakthroughs that make their life simpler. Hilti understands the existing gaps in customer gratification, and Hilti constantly strives to foster a better relationship with its customers. We have therefore, combined our principles with our ability to produce the best quality products and innovation that have always helped us build better direct relations with our clients. We have worked to provide solutions to any challenge that arises at a construction site and develop a customized solution just for you.

You can look at the extensive catalog of our products and services include solutions that go a long way in offering 360-degree solutions to our partners. However, there are some instances when we are stuck at the jobsite with tool-related problems. Imagine if you need to get things done but your team is not trained to use the machine, or you need to find a tool information but the tag/label is either dirty or damaged, or you want to know if your tool is under warranty for repair functions or that your tool needs repair and you are too busy to carry the tool all the way to the service center. In such a situation, productivity may take a back seat while the operational expenses may increase.

Hilti Connect: Tool Problems? One Solution!

Hilti presents the Hilti Connect App, a tailor-made app for construction professionals that works with all Hilti tools. This solves real jobsite issues such as tool identification, status, ordering tool repair, and provides access to instant tool training through Hilti training material and Hilti training videos. Hilti's latest construction app brings hassle-free tool services to your fingertips that can prove to be a huge boon and contribute immensely at improving jobsite productivity.

There is a 3-fold mechanism related to Hilti tools that help you achieve greater efficiency at the jobsite which includes: identifying tools, tool information & repair history, and book tools for repair.


There are 3 ways to be able to identify a Hilti tool. Each way is effective and gives you access to relevant tool information.

●      NFC - Use your NFC enabled phone to scan the Near Field Communication (NFC) tag under the rating plates of our tools to have access to that tool's information and repair history. NFC enabled tools to have a connected symbol on the rating plate.

●      Tool Type - Once you're logged in to the app, you can type in the tool description (eg: "TE 50") to find details about a specific tool.

●      Serial Number - Each Hilti tool has a unique serial number that is linked to your customer account at the point of purchase. By typing the serial number into the search bar, you can see all the relevant information and send it in for repair.


With the Hilti Connect App, you can view the following information about your tools:

●      Purchase date

●      Invoice number

●      Warranty expiration dates

●      Repair history such as the number of repairs, last repair date, and total amount spent on repair of that tool. This helps you decide whether to repair or replace the tool.

●      Access relevant documents like operator’s manuals. Find the best accessories, related products, and how to videos


One feature of Hilti Connect is the ability to submit tools for repair with the touch of a button right from your smartphone

●      Once submitted, pack your tool for the free pickup within 1-2 days

●      Take advantage of our 1 day turnaround on repairs in our first-class repair centers

●      Eliminate the tool repair hassle and streamline it by going digital with Hilti Connect app


India needs 7.3% labor productivity rise for 9% GDP growth, and IOT could be an essential ingredient in improving productivity growth by ensuring construction companies have access to real-time data. This information can subsequently warrant machine performance and preventative maintenance, decrease downtime and repair costs along with the time taken to look for assets. In a nutshell, by safeguarding the use of tools for the maximum possible time, IOT may, consequently, increase on-site productivity.

And Hilti is always looking to make your job easier at the jobsite. With the CONNECT App you can effectively solve troubles like:

●      How can I order a repair, directly on-the-job?

●      How can I find the serial number when the label is dirty or damaged?

●      How can I quickly train my team on the use of a tool?

●      How can I find out the power tool repair status?

●      How can I tell which tool this is?

All you need is your smartphone and the Hilti Connect App to quickly and easily tackle challenges like this, and much more, directly on the jobsite.

Scan. Click. Done!

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