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About Glass Wall

“Create future architecture marvels by building them today."

Glass Wall Systems (I) Pvt Ltd is India’s leading facade fabricator. They provide turnkey architectural facade solutions where they translate the vision of our clients into reality. Their design, manufacturing and project management facilities are amongst the best in the country.

Our association with Glass Wall Systems


Glass Wall is one of our most valued customers and our association with them goes back to the year 2005 when we did the first project for galvanized anchor portfolio for India Bulls Sky Suite in Mumbai. Since then, we haven’t looked back and our relationship with Glass Wall has grown by leaps and bounds as we continue to provide them customized and innovative solutions. 

Solutions provided to Glass wall through different projects




Stone Cladding

Direct Fastening

Customer pain points related to Pneumatic Technology

  1. Lack of mobility: All the tools always needed to be connected to pneumatic lines which restricted the freedom to set up more assembly units.
  2. Challenges in keeping the factory organized: The pneumatic lines posed a safety hazard because of being unorganized and its elimination was required quickly.
  3. Costs: Repeat purchases of hand tools for drilling & riveting were happening and led to difficulty in keeping a track of the expenses. 
  4. Repair & Downtime: Despite spending so much on purchase and repairs of the tools there was a significant downtime because of breakdowns.
  5. Downtime of compressor unit: Using pneumatic system proved to be unscalable which resulted in the breakdown of the compressor and in turn the entire production stopped.

Solution provided – the Hilti way

Customer Testimonial - Glass Wall Systems

Know more about our fleet service

Delivering value beyond business

Increasing Speed

Rio, Bangalore

Introduced Direct Fastening technology for GI Flashing fixing using advanced GX/BX tools.

Reducing Cost

ETZ, Pune & Manyata, Bangalore

Introduced Cast In Channel for cost saving of developers & Glasswall Systems via time bound completion of the application.

Ensuring Safety

India Bulls Sky Suite, Mumbai

Provided Passive Firestop/Smoke seal solution as per ASTM E standard & ensured safety along with 2 hours of fire rating.

Managing Equipment

GWS Mumbai

Helped tackle the issue of pneumatic technology through our cordless portfolio via Fleet Management.

Preparing Company for Future

GWS Mumbai /Bangalore Factory

Provided Advance Cordless Power Tools solution for gaining productivity & meeting future ambition of the company to target International market.

Happy Customers – that’s what matters to us!