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While you take care of your jobsite, we take care of your tools

After battling the unprecedented pandemic there is a strong sense of re-emergence in the construction industry worldwide. What we are now seeing is continuous innovation in building materials and adoption of invincible technology to support this transition. Coupled with automation through AI and IoT, the construction is on its way to see the revolution. All of this is helping construction companies to substantially boost their inefficiencies and eliminate low productivity. This is also enabling improved collaboration for making safety a priority at jobsites. Some of the construction industry trends and innovations which have become the talk of the town are: Building Information Modeling (BIM), Construction Robotics, Construction Project Management, Construction Worker Safety, etc.

Hilti India has always benchmarked innovative solutions and stood as an important pillar in nation building by providing technology-leading products, systems, and services. Our legacy of 25 years in India has made us serve more than 1 lac customers, whom we have helped achieve distinction and defy convention. This is a resultant of our global expertise in research, driven by focus on futuristic solutions.

We address the fact that construction is a challenging task and constantly demands safety at jobsites. Therefore, our safety-first approach has helped our customers build an unbreakable trust with us while we fortify their structures and increase the productivity at their jobsites.

If there is any word synonymous with Hilti, it is ‘customer-satisfaction’ and we have been thriving on this trademark since ages. Our business life cycle is not just about manufacturing and selling power tools but also winning the customer’s heart for long-term association. We are forever compelled to be the thought leaders in our various trades because we lead with first-mover advantage strategy.

Delivering value beyond business


We make sure that we deliver value and not just do business with our customers. Hilti is about serving customers with utmost quality and ensuring the below five parameters are covered in each project that we work on.

Increasing Speed

Reducing Cost

Ensuring Safety

Managing Equipment

Preparing Company for Future

Our direct sales model helps us interact and work closely with our customers so that we understand their pain points clearly. We are deeply involved with customer sentiment as we aim to deliver precise solutions – be it choosing the right anchor or a drilling machine. We make sure that our customers are fully supported by our sales representatives and field engineers and there is no delay in execution. The discipline of building something iconic makes us enthusiastic for attempting more daring projects which is supported by our power tools and cutting-edge technology.

Our unparalleled service to our customers is a part of our ‘We Care’ culture where we hand-hold them at every stage after they purchase a tool or until a project ends. We constantly find ways to improve the satisfaction for our customers so that we keep building better relations with them.

At Hilti India, approximately 1000+ highly trained team members in sales, engineering, marketing & other support roles work together to help construction professionals get the job done faster, safer and more productively.


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