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“Making people’s lives easier.”

SJ Contracts is a leading construction company with over two decades of comprehensive experience in the industry. They have been providing solution-based construction services that add value to industrial, commercial and residential construction projects.

Our association with SJ Contracts


We share a great relationship with SJ Contracts and have been associated with them for 10+ years. Our collaboration with different stakeholders at SJ Contracts has helped them get supported by our solutions which have substantially increased their productivity, especially with Solution Selling and aided by Hilti’s exclusive product line.

Solutions provided to SJ CONTRACTS through different projects

ON!Track 3

Technical Trainings

Tool Park Management

DIY Approach for Account Standard

End-to-End Solution with Optimized Design

Customer pain points

  1. High Repair cost: Before providing the solution, the average paid repair quotes used to take more than 10 days.
  2. Issues with productivity: The admin tasks were very complex and tedious because the work used to happen simultaneously at 30 sites.
  3. Lack of transparency: There was no clarity on repair costs of tools as competition tools were repaired locally using site petty cash.
  4. Low visibility of assets: There was uncertainty around the visibility of assets at the sites which led to duplication at the time of purchase.

Solution provided – the Hilti way

Asset management done right through ON!Track

Know more about ON!Track

Delivering value beyond business

Increasing Speed

Multiple Jobsites, Pune

Provided Core Cutting/ Rebarring training which helped reduce the dependency of the customer on third party application and  increased overall profit.

Reducing Cost

Godrej Township, Pune

Provided end-to-end solution with optimized design, in-house hands-on training on rebarring/anchoring and testing which increased productivity and ultimately saved cost.

Ensuring Safety

Falcon, Pune

Conducted technical and safety seminars to increase customer confidence and awareness on Hilti solutions which ultimately helped them take rightful decisions at site.

Managing Equipment

Multiple Jobsites, Pune

Fleet Solution helped the customer reduce downtime of project and maintain minimum inventory of tool.

Preparing Company for Future

Multiple Jobsites, Pune

Provided ON!Track solution to increase visibility and tracking of assets which helped to analyze the data and increased the overall speed to take decisions.

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