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The power to drive projects forward

It's simple: All your tools on Fleet means we can provide you with more convenient and cost-effective inventory management.

Partnering with Hilti for your entire Fleet means you get all the tools and accessories you need, while enjoying additional time-saving services such as Tools On Demand, circularity, theft protection and fast repairs.

With the addition of Nuron – these tools generate data such as tool usage, tool utilization, charging location and battery state-of-health, ensuring operators are working with batteries in optimal conditions.

Together with Hilti services like Fleet Management, tool data can be used to reduce downtime and optimize tool parks to increase customer productivity.

The power to keep jobsites productive

Reliable performance

Build a fleet of connected tools, access tools on demand, and get help tracking, repairing and replacing tools – all at a fixed monthly cost.

Discover Fleet Management

Simplified resource management

Hilti's ON!Track solution was specifically designed to help solve problems related to managing your assets, services, workers, and safety certifications.

Discover ON!Track

Proactive problem-solving

Missing or underperforming tools slow projects down. Nuron tools seamlessly collect data to help you solve problems before they're problems.

Enabling premium Hilti services with Nuron


The power to make construction better

Discover the power of Nuron

From drilling and driving in wood to breaking and cutting concrete, Nuron's 100+ tools handle all your work using the same type of 22V battery.

Learn more about Nuron cordless tools

Optimize tool performance

A tool is only as good as its bit or blade. By choosing the right insert, you'll benefit from a system designed to increase tool productivity.

Find the right bits and blades

Do more with less

Get help generating maximum value from your tools and reducing your environmental impact with tool park management services.

Work more sustainably