Cordless Fastening Tools

See Hilti's fastest and cleanest tools for installing MEP and drywall track, plus how Nuron batteries make fully electric fastening tools even more efficient

See Hilti's fastest and cleanest tools for installing MEP and drywall track, plus how Nuron batteries make fully electric fastening tools even more efficient
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Go Cordless with Hilti

Save Cost.Enhance Productivity. Ensure Safety

Still stuck in the corded era? It’s time to break free...

Cut the tension of power outages. Snip the hassle of setting-up. Slice downtimes to zero. And experience the next level of performance, flexibility and safety with HILTI’s cordless tools, which also come with end-to-end solutions that support your entire Application Chain and Business Cycle.

Our unmatched 2 year wear and tear coverage on cordless tools, batteries, and chargers ensures that you can trust Hilti to manage all your tool related issues.

Go ahead, do things you could never imagine with corded.

top 4 reasons to go cordless

Higher Productivity

No setting up, zero tool-related downtimes and nil power-outage issues let you experience upto 2X productivity. Go where corded can’t. The easy portability of HILTI’s cordless tools lets you access every spot - no matter how high, tight or inaccessible.

No Cost of Cables & DG

After a project, do you know where the cords are, in what condition they are, and how much money you spent?

Why spend lakhs on cords? Invest in cordless. With cordless tools you can reduce the cost of cords which are expensed out at every project site.

No additional cost for DG set.


Cut out the hazards of electric shocks from loose cables and extension boards. Never trip or tangle on wires again. And work safely at any height with technology that ensures low-vibration and dustless environment.

2 Year No Cost Service

We offer much more than manufacturing warranty. Our 22V cordless tools, batteries and chargers come with 2 year wear and tear coverage, ensuring you do not spend anything for repair and maintenance for 2 years from the date of invoicing. We also apply a repair cap in the 3rd year keeping you covered throughout the tool usage life.


Less Power than Corded Tools

It has been tested and proven that cordless tools deliver the same power output as corded tools (in a comparable class & category).

Electronics and overload protection mean that your tool is delivering consistent power output, and also has lesser burn-outs. 

These together keep your tool running even in extreme jobsite conditions.

Low Battery Life

HILTI’s batteries are built to naturally last long.  Not just that - all our 22V cordless tools come with interchangeable batteries and different power classes. Finally, we replace your battery FREE (in the unlikely event of malfunction) for the first 2 years. The result? You never, never, run out of power on the worksite. 

High Service Cost

Hilti cordless tools are robust and designed for regular usage and .  Overload protection, and brushless motors in most tools lead to longer life. Additionally,  2 year wear and tear coverage ensures you do not spend anything for repair and maintenance for 2 years from the date of invoicing. We also apply a repair cap in the 3rd year,lowering your total cost of ownership.

Reduced Productivity due to Long Charging Time

We have a range of batteries with different charging times. 

The Ultimate B22/8.0 battery charges within 50 minutes using Hilti fast charging technology.



Solutions for every jobsite

Contrary to popular belief, our cordless tools are able to perform the full range of applications from drilling, driving, fastening, cutting, sawing, and grinding. Not only do they deliver the same power output as corded tools, but also improve your productivity and safety at the jobsite, while providing you complete flexibility to work.

Popular applications for cordless tools in construction include:

> Base Plate Anchoring          > Rebar Grouting

> Formwork/Shuttering > MEP Supports Fixing

> Interior Finishing > Steel Fabrication/Decking

> Racking Installation

… and others 



Innovations that deliver

We have complete solutions ranging from drilling, driving, cutting, grinding, bolting, and much more. As today's jobsite changes, we develop new tools to meet your evolving workflow, performance and safety requirements.


ADVANCED Battery Technology

The intelligence inside

Worried that Cordless tools will run out of battery charge?

Not anymore with Hilti’s range of batteries from compact light weight to ultimate performance batteries for best runtime.

Our batteries have a very long life and thanks to Hilti Cordless Power Care (CPC) technology, delivering the performance you want even when in continuous use or when working at sub-zero temperatures.

In the rare case that the battery stops functioning within 2 years of the date of invoicing, we shall replace them free of cost after an in-house check.

We power you to do more with Hilti Cordless.

Make It Fit


One battery can power Multiple tools

We understand that you need batteries to last your workday. And we work towards optimizing your batteries and chargers.

With 3 different types of batteries , we are able to customize your kit to make your batteries work one full workday!

All batteries and chargers are interchangeable among our 22V tools, which means no more buying 2 batteries and a charger with each tool.

By understanding your application pattern and requirement, we recommend the right number and type of batteries and chargers so that you do much more with less.

Your tools can share batteries and chargers now! No need to pile up batteries and chargers in the warehouses!

Call us today and experience the magic of “Make it Fit"



Supporting your business

With 30 world class service centers across the country, we ensure your tools are in safe hands. We pickup your tools free of charge no matter where your site is located. Additionally, our 2 year no repair cost on 22V cordless tools, batteries, and chargers ensures that your total cost of ownership is lesser, and costs are completely controlled.

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