This blog talks about Hilti’s range of diamond tools used in precision vibration free concrete cutting and sawing, whether you are looking for a hand-held saw for light-duty applications or large-scale saw to cut into an entire concrete structure.


As a contractor working on a construction site, you may sometimes need to make small or large openings in concrete. The depth of cut can vary from a 30mm deep slit required to 150mm slab cutting. Occasionally a requirement of cutting 300mm depth walls to complete removal of beams and columns is also undertaken. However, in all these cases, the one thing required is a clean cut with no damage to the adjacent structure.

Sometimes concrete cutting can get more challenging than usual, and ordinary instruments may just not cut it. You must use the tools that make your work easier. Since, wall sawing always involves a lot of preparation, it is still better to use the types of equipment that are convenient to transport and easy to assemble. Every detail needs to be carefully thought out and designed, to ensure simple assembly and efficient operation. Tools that are a part of a well-conceived system concept allow you to take on a greater variety of jobs with minimal equipment needed.

Doing this activity with Traditional methods of concrete breaking may take up a lot of time and effort with little results. In addition, the vibrations are transferred to the adjoining structure and there is lot of finishing work required after the breaking task.

Hilti- For the Ultimate Sawing Performance

Therefore, Hilti offers a range of concrete cutting and sawing diamond tools that can be combined for a formidable cutting application. Our diamond concrete cutters, wall saws and wire saws for structural alteration or demolition of concrete and other base materials are optimised for a minimum set up time and are coupled with diamond blade cutters, with different disc diameters, designed for clean concrete cutting.

Hilti is a long-standing manufacturer of power tools that makes best-in-class diamond saws for varied applications. Hilti wall and wire saws offer the benefit of long service life, high performance, and safety features that meet the highest demands. They enable safer and more convenient jobsite functions and can be repaired easily at jobsites to reduce downtime.

To know more Hilti offerings in concrete cutting and sawing tools:

DCH 300 – Electric cutter

DCH 300 is Hilti’s dry electric hand-held diamond cutter with a cutting depth up to 120 mm with 305 mm blades. It is an ideal tool for cutting reinforced concrete, granite curbstones, slabs, brick and masonry blocks. You can use DCH 300 for making preliminary cuts for controlled demolition, and cutting and extending openings for windows, doors and shafts. Its inverted blade rotation guides the tool away from the operator's body and therefore makes cutting easier and safer. It ensures a virtually dust-free jobsite when used with a compatible vacuum cleaner to achieve even greater productivity gains. The Hilti protection against overheating and overloading increases the operator's safety and prolongs the tool's lifetime.

DSH 900-X – Petrol Saw

This powerful rear-handle hand-held 87 cc petrol saw with auto-choke has a cutting depth up to 150 mm. It is supremely versatile, compatible with the DSH-FSC floor saw cart and convertible to flush cut mode. DSH 900-X is perfect for various applications like; like cutting curbstones and paving slabs to size, construction work like cutting out openings in brick or concrete walls, masonry work like cutting bricks and blocks to size, road construction work like perimeter cutting in asphalt and concrete and sewage work like cutting metal, concrete and plastic pipes. Its unique auto-choke design makes for an easy start, and its belt needs no maintenance as it’s pre-tensioned and comes with a belt cover with integrated wear ribs. Self-maintenance is easy for DSH 900-X, and you can conveniently replace the starter rope and the filter any time on your own.

DST 20-CA (NEW) – Wall Saw

When it comes to large scale, heavy-duty concrete cutting it's worth bringing in the experts, and that's exactly what our new DST 20-CA Diamond wall saw is designed for. It's the first electric wall saw in its performance class to feature fully integrated, intelligent electronics, eliminating the need for a separate electrical box. With a 30% increase in cutting performance compared to its predecessor and our innovative Cut Assist auto-pilot technology, the new DST 20-CA Diamond wall saw delivers unrivalled productivity gains. Despite its unique compact design, the DST 20-CA Diamond wall saw has a maximum cutting depth of 73 cm so it's ideally suited to fulfil all your cutting requirements, however small or heavy-duty they may be. The Saw head weights just 32kgs and comes with a wireless remote. Easy to transport, fast installation and a real productivity

DS WS 15 – Wire Saw

DS WS 15 is the electric wire saw (15 kW) for easy operation on heavy-duty cutting jobs with automatic wire tension. Now carry out structural alteration of buildings as it cuts openings of all kinds and almost any shape. It saws anything from heavily reinforced concrete to thick stonework. It is ideal for technical demolition of structural components (bridges, chimneys, foundations) and sawing in noise-sensitive locations. This saw’s advance tension is easily adjustable at all times for maximum cutting performance. Its smooth, no-step adjustment of the drive speed from the control console, robust design with electrical overload protection and maintenance-free air cylinder makes it a tool class apart.


If you are looking for concrete cutters, there is something in Hilti for you. Whether you are looking for a hand-held saw for light-duty applications or large-scale saw to cut into an entire wall, Hilti has a whole range that would suit your needs. Our electric cutters have the best performance-to-weight ratio and higher torque in their class. Hilti allows you to carry out any structural alteration and heavy concrete demolition easily with its specialized tools. 

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