Frequently Asked Questions

Is the strength of column affected by presence of foreign element inside the column?

X-FS does not affect the column strength. It is a non-decay, non-corrosive and does not chemically attack concrete. Click here for test report.  


What is the load bearing capacity of the X-FS Formstop element?

The sole purpose of X-FS is to facilitate positioning of formwork panels. The traditional starter has the same function, only for positioning. Click here for load data of the Formstop element. 


Why can't I use any plastic element that is in a similar shape?

We are giving a tested system that does not compromise on the strength of the concrete. The consultant may not permit any untested elements to be inside columns, potentially compromising on strength of column. Therefore, it is recommended it is always used with our methodology


Are there any limitations on the usage of the form-stop?

The X-FS is an all-weather element, can be used up-to -10 degrees, can be left in the concrete and will have no effect on the strength of the concrete. Vibration due to compacting is allowed.


What is material composition of the X-FS formstop?

The stop is made of high density polyethylene, colored concrete grey. No water damage is possible since water cannot permeate polyethylene, thereby making X-FS rot proof.


How can we ensure quality of installation through X-FS Formstop at jobsites?

As HILTI, we have a dedicated Account Manager to assist you on site with training on the best practices to install Formstop and guide you on the alignment of formwork for column casting.