Adhesive anchoring Solutions

Whatever the job, whatever the budget, we meet your requirements on performance and price

Hilti offers injectable chemical anchors in the popular epoxy resin formulations as well as newer hybrid adhesives that offer both design and installation flexibility. Epoxy and hybrid adhesives are traditionally allowed to be spaced closer together and closer to the edge-of-slab compared to their mechanical anchor counterparts. After the chemical component has cured, Hilti adhesive anchors boast some of the highest load capacities in the industry for chemical or mechanical anchors.

HIT-RE 10 Epoxy Anchor

Economical injectable epoxy mortar for anchoring in concrete

HIT-RE 10 Epoxy anchor

HIT-HY 170 Adhesive Anchor

High-performance injectable hybrid mortar with everyday approvals for anchoring in concrete and masonry

HIT-HY 170 Adhesive Anchor