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Diamond Coring Machines

Find out how our diamond core drilling machines are designed for high productivity, be it light or heavy-duty coring

Diamond Core Drills
Diamond core drilling machines for all coring in concrete and masonry
Drill Stands
Drill stands and column extensions designed to fit rig-based diamond core drilling machines
Water Management System
Water management systems designed to enable full water autonomy with easy slurry disposal after coring in concrete and masonry with all core drilling machine
Slurry & Water Management
Water and slurry management accessories designed to supply and collect both water and slurry when coring in concrete with a core drilling machine
Vacuum Pumps
Vacuum pumps designed to make fastening down vacuum baseplates and diamond core drilling machines without the need of any drilling and anchoring
Base Plates
Vacuum baseplates for drill stands, for use with Hilti core drilling machines
Autofeed Units
Automatic feed units, designed for autonomous coring with diamond core drilling machines
Fixation Elements
Mounting elements, spindles, nuts and sets to fasten drill stands: to be used alongwith core drilling machine
Other Accessories
Accessories for diamond core drilling machines – hand-wheels, spacers and sharpening plates
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