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Create Fire Safe Building with Passive Firestop

In India we counter thousands of people lose their lives in Fire accidents. Fire protection systems can save lives and contain damage to a building during a fire, and they are also a code requirement. An effective combination of Active and Passive fire protection systems is designed to impede the spread of flames, smoke and toxic gases in a fire by helping block gaps in walls, ceilings and floors caused by penetrations from pipes, cables and joints in fire-rated areas. That's why it is important to include Passive fire protection – firestop systems – in any building design, right from the start of a project.

Is your building fire safe?

Absence of Fire protection systems can not only lead to loss of lives, destructing the assets, but can also impact the building performance. In recent years, India has seen a rise in the number of fire accidents. It is reported that India is in the Top-20 countries where fire accident takes place. The effect of these fire accidents can be controlled with the use of effective combination of Active and Passive Fire protection systems. Take a look at few of India's major fire accidents reported below.

Major Fire at Data center

Data of 20 Cr citizens at risk

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fire in Surat Hospital

Patients rescued after a major fire broke out in Surat Hospital

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Major fire in a 22-storey commercial building

Multiple casualities in high rise commercial tower in Mumbai

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The causes of fire outbreaks are varied, unpredictable and often outside the control of the building designer. This puts lives and assets at risk. What can be controlled, however, is the effect of fire once it has started – through active and passive protection systems. Building codes such as NBC 2016, IBC & NFPA 101 prescribes use of Firestop system for penetration and Joint applications tested and globally accepted standards like ASTM, UL. In this section, you’ll learn how Hilti’s expertise in passive fire safety worldwide can support you in all phases of your construction projects following the requirement of local building code.

Learn more about Fire Compartmentation

Passive fire protection through building compartmentation

Effective fire compartmentation means sealing penetrations in floors and walls using suitable passive firestop devices. These devices, ranging from modular elements to putties and foams, help create a smoke-, flame- and water-resistant barrier which can assist in preventing a fire from spreading beyond the room where it starts. In this video, our expert will help you to understand the consequences and liability related to inadequate passive fire protection.


The superior quality of Hilti firestop products helps ensure that spread of fire, smoke and toxic gases is restricted to fire-rated compartments to reduce the tragic loss of human life and destruction of property. Through a combination of innovative products, software and service offerings, Hilti can provide the most comprehensive firestop systems solution. We offer a wide range of firestop products for many different applications and solutions, tested to the most stringent international standards such as ASTM and UL complying to the need of our local building code guidelines. We have different range of system solution click to know more 

Construction joints and Edge of Slab

To help prevent the spread of fire or smoke within a building, certain walls, floors and joints are required to meet a specific fire resistance rating – the period during which a building component has been tested to confine a fire, or continue to perform a structural function, or both. This is where firestop comes in: blocking the gaps and penetrations in your structure is an efficient way to help contain fire, smoke and toxic gases.

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Mechanical and electrical penetrations

Life safety is of key importance to us at Hilti and we have more than 30 years’ experience in passive fire protection systems. We offer thousands of tested systems to cover a wide range of Mechanical and Electrical applications on the jobsite. Firestop systems can help restore the rating of a wall, ceiling or floor as it’s penetrated by a cable, pipe or ducts. Right Firestop system will help to stop the spread of fire, smoke and toxic gases and is all part of the life safety plan of buildings.

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Data centers are constantly evolving, continually changing. How do you maintain the flexibility to adapt to these ever-changing demands, without sacrificing reliability or energy efficiency? Hilti’s fire protection solutions help you design and build a more efficient facility.  From pre-engineered cable pathways, such as the firestop speed sleeve to firestop blocks, we focus on providing innovative solutions that provide industry-leading airflow control and help prevent particulate contamination in sensitive server environments.

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Healthcare Buildings

When it comes to fire safety, hospitals are uniquely challenging projects. On the one hand, variations in the mobility of occupants mean that evacuation times must be maximized. On the other, modern hospitals contain complex and ever-changing building services. This demands passive fire protection and compartmentation measures which help to meet the strictest regulations and can allow critical rooms to remain in full operation after a fire incident. Hilti supports you in your wide-ranging challenges of designing, building and maintaining healthcare facilities with vast range of system, software and services.

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Hotel guests want to always feel comfortable and safe during their stay. Reliable protection from fire and smoke gives you, your staff and your guests the peace of mind that their safety has been carefully considered. Active and passive firestop measures should be the highest priority in any hotel. At Hilti we offer you vast range of Passive Firestop System which will help you to contain Fire and toxic gases that can rapidly spread through the whole building via penetrations in walls, ceilings and floors.

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High rise Buildings

Increasing urbanization mean high-rise buildings are the way of the future. However, tougher fire safety and environmental standards and a trend toward more modular design are making high-rise projects more complex than ever.

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Engineering Services

Fire protection is a critical consideration for architects, engineers and contractors responsible for creating the design, specification and construction of new buildings. It must also be considered in the ongoing maintenance of occupied spaces. Look at our online Technical Library for comprehensive descriptions of our Hilti firestop products, technical manuals and approval documents, Software and service to help you in designing Fire Safe building.

Engineering Services

Firestop Installation Service

Hilti is ready to be your partner throughout the entire firestopping process whether that be assisting with specifications, locating an independent certified firestop installer through HAFSC program or FIT, documenting firestop installations with the CFS-DM software or preparing your team and jobsite for inspection. You can count on Hilti to offer jobsite support and expertise.

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Engineering Judgement and Technical assistance

All Firestop applications must be compliant per ASTM standards and backed by UL & Intertek certificates. Incase dimensions and quantity of services are more than mentioned in certificates, an Engineering Judgement is provided by Hilti based on the closest test certificate.

Firestop Engineering Judgement Specification and Design Support
Software Center

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We also offer cutting-edge products, easy to use design software and technical backup onsite, online and on the phone

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