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Professional firestop design to minimise risk and ensure compliance

Hilti helps architects, engineers, specifiers, and building owners by providing safer firestop solutions with simpler and more intuitive installation options designed to help preserve property and protect lives. Hilti’s extensive range of firestop systems enhance the overall building performance in many areas, meet the latest industry needs and are easy to install, retrofit and inspect​.

Identifying the correct firestop system to meet project needs and requirements is critical during design and construction. Hilti has a one of the largest and most comprehensive libraries of tested firestop systems that can meet a variety of project needs.​


The causes of fire outbreaks are varied, unpredictable and often outside the control of the building designer. This puts lives and assets at risk. What can be controlled, however, is the effect of fire once it has started – through active and passive protection systems.


Fire detection systems are used to detect the presence of a fire or smoke. These systems typically include smoke detectors, heat detectors, flame detectors, and gas detectors. Early detection is crucial for timely evacuation and intervention to minimize damage.


Fire suppression systems are designed to control or extinguish a fire once it has been detected. There are several types of suppression systems, including water-based systems (such as sprinklers), chemical-based systems, gaseous systems, and foam systems. The choice of system depends on the type of fire risk and the specific needs of the environment.


Containment measures are aimed at preventing the spread of fire and limiting its impact on people, property, and the environment. This can include the use of fire-stopping & fire doors for compartmentation, and other fire-resistive measures to confine the fire to its area of origin. Hilti firestop solutions help contain the fire through building compartmentation.


Passive fire protection through building compartmentation

Effective fire compartmentation means sealing penetrations in floors and walls using suitable passive firestop devices. These devices, ranging from modular elements to putties and foams, help create a smoke-, flame- and water-resistant barrier which can assist in preventing a fire from spreading beyond the room where it starts. In this video, our expert will help you to understand the consequences and liability related to inadequate passive fire protection.




Data centers are constantly evolving, continually changing. Hilti’s fire protection solutions help you design and build a more efficient data center facility.

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When it comes to fire safety, hospitals are uniquely challenging projects which demands compliance with strictest fire protection regulations.

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Hotel guests want to always feel comfortable and safe during their stay. Reliable protection from fire and smoke gives everyone the peace of mind that their safety has been carefully considered.

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Increasing urbanization mean high-rise buildings are the way of the future. Hilti offers solutions that cover the project lifecycle to minimize the risk of fire in high-rise building.

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Spend less time with long, complex firestop approvals and focus on completing projects more efficiently and confidently. Now firestop professional, MEP contractors and designers can plan, install and manage complaint firestop projects with just a few clicks.

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All Firestop applications must be compliant per ASTM standards and backed by UL & Intertek certificates. Incase dimensions and quantity of services are more than mentioned in certificates, an Engineering Judgement is provided by Hilti based on the closest test certificate.

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Hilti is ready to be your partner throughout the entire firestopping process whether that be assisting with specifications, locating an independent certified firestop installer through HAFSC program or FIT, documenting firestop installations with the CFS-DM software or preparing your team and jobsite for inspection.

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